Lounges at BB&T pavilion in Camden, NJ
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I am attending a concert at BB&T pavilion in Camden, NJ this weekend and would like to access one of the lounges. However, it is completely unclear what the difference is between the River Garden Deck, the Live Nation Lounge and the VIP Club - any advice?

The crowds can get overwhelming to my spouse, so I am looking into buying access to a lounge to have some quiet space for before the concert and during a break. However, Ticketmaster lists three such places: the River Garden Deck, The Live Nation Lounge and the VIP Club. It is completely unclear what is what or why one would choose one above the other.

From a previous concert, I do know the River Garden Deck is not a good option for us, as it is in the back of the lawn area, whereas we have seats in the covered area, but the other ones are a mystery to me.

Does anyone have an experience with any of these lounges and know what the difference is? Do you know if I can exchange one type of lounge for another if I choose the wrong one?
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