Oscar Online?
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Where can I watch, or listen to, the Academy Awards live on the internet?

A repeat of last year's question. Has anything changed?
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There are a number of p2p live television services. People mainly use these for watching international football matches but there are a lot of different channels available, so it might very well be possible to see the Oscars live. I don't know much about it, but here is a football-oriented guide to p2p streaming to get you started. Good luck.
posted by insomnus at 10:11 AM on March 3, 2006

CCTV-6 will be showing the oscars (presumably with cuts) on pplive.
posted by Dreamghost at 12:14 PM on March 4, 2006

Last minute update: There's a live p2p-stream of the Oscars on something called TVAnts. Follow the installation instructions and find a channel named Shanghai Entertainment News.
posted by insomnus at 4:21 PM on March 5, 2006

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