Find me a new running playlist podcast like "Whiskey & Bananas"
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For my running workouts I've been using Whiskey & Bananas, a playlist podcast by the ad agency OKRP, that I found more or less serendipitously on Apple podcasts. This is peak running podcast for me, it combines fun, funk, a bit of irony / melancholy, and, crucially, mostly a good beat that you can plod to. Please help me find a new one that's as good (difficult) as or better (impossible?) than, preferably on Apple podcasts, although I'm not averse to getting a new app if the pod is good.
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Response by poster: It's gotta have that element of obscurity / weirdness too. Listen to a couple of episodes, you'll see what I mean. Hear what I mean.
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Response by poster: And eclectic. The more eclectic the better.
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Best answer: KEXP running powered podcast may be up yer alley
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I did listen to an episode, and I like it -- thanks for posting!
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Response by poster: Actually I found my own new favourite Weird Running Music cast:
posted by KMH at 7:07 AM on February 17, 2020

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