Capitalizing on a 25% off any item coupon at CVS
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We have a CVS coupon for 25% off any one item. I think the only condition is that the discount is capped at $500 (making the coupon good on items regularly priced up to $2000). We take no expensive medications. The most expensive thing we buy at CVS regularly is La Roche-Posay’s sunscreen, but I feel like there must be some better use of this coupon than that, particularly at the end of the season. We already have an electric toothbrush. Any ideas for a product that will maximize this unusual coupon?
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Air purifier or humidifier, or an electric razor?
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It depends what you need. I mean, do you want a humidifier for the upcoming winter? (jinx) Does anyone you know need diapers? The big boxes are expensive.

Also, are you sure it's 25% off anything? I got a 25% off coupon this week from CVS (it's not that unusual, in my experience) and it's only good on Health items.
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You can get an EMT first aid kit. That costs some money; don't know if you want one.
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When in a similar situation I struggled to find any larger-ticket (>$20) durable items that were not already 33% more expensive than, say, Amazon.
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The CVS %off offers I get typically say “not applicable on sale items”, and even items marked like “buy three get one free” or “buy one get second for 25% off” fall into this category. So watch out for that.
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You can get an EMT first aid kit. That costs some money; don't know if you want one.

Having just taken a Wilderness First Responder course and building out my own kit under the advisement of folks who know a fair bit about this the opinion is that pre built kids aren't necessarily a good bang for your buck doubly so if you aren't 100% happy with the contents/arrangement. I used amazon for 90% of my kit's contents due to it's ability to provide exactly the thing I wanted at a fair price.

That said, I'd look strongly at electronic devices ranging from razors to glucose monitors to blood pressure cuffs if you have anyone you know who might benefit from those.
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The chances that you'll pass off this mortal coil without someone in your house requiring a heart rate monitor are slim.
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Or a BP cuff. They sell the Omrons. But you do have to watch out for the "sales"--anything that is in its system as being on sale in any way won't be covered even if you don't actually qualify for the sale.

BTW, these coupons have been known to hit 40% if your shopping patterns reflect only using them at that level. Just saying.
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I'd get one of those medical wedge back support things. I think they're about $60. They're also sold at a ridiculous markup as sex pillows - the Liberator Wedge runs $125. They're supposed to be *~magical~*
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big fan? or even little fan.

I think they sell weighted blankets if you've been wondering about trying those.

you could get a blood glucose monitor if you want to be really serious about figuring out how your body reacts to different kinds of carbs. I tried this and found I couldn't really stand sticking myself in the fingers to get the blood samples though so the plan died on the vine.
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The best use of the coupon is to apply it to the most expensive thing you were going to buy anyway.
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Download the CVS app and you could load coupons/stack them onto your card and get e-mailed receipts. I get 40% non-sale item coupons every 2 weeks and haven't paid full price for something at CVS in a long time. I mostly use it for skincare.
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Response by poster: Lots of great ideas! In the end, we just went for the expensive sunscreen. Oh well! So much for a creative soloution!
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If you keep using those they send you more. And eventually you get the 40% ones. So you'll most likely get a chance to try again.
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