Syncing Chrome between two computers
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I need to sync settings from Chromium on one computer to Chrome on another one but I'm running into problems. Details (and my possible stupidity) inside.

I have a Linux box running Chromium. It's my daily driver. I have a hated Win 8.1 laptop with Chrome. For various reason, I need to use Win on a more regular basis. I have a Google account. I want to sync the settings and bookmarks from Chromium to Chrome. I tried turning sync off and on in Chrome (Win) and told it to delete the data. When I enabled sync again, the settings were the same Chrome (Win) ones that I don't want. I think the problem is that Chromium (Linux) has sync turned on, but I somehow turned everything off in the custom settings. Both computers are logged into the same Google account.

I tried reading how to sync across the two, but I'm getting confused. I don't want to wipe out the setting in Chromium (Linux) with what appears to be what is saved in my Google account. So, how do I get the settings from Chromium (Linux) to Chrome (Win)?

I do apologize if I'm missing something stupid. I spent the evening doing continuing education online and snorting on how my center director doesn't do any of those things they talk about and never will.
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Also, Firefox is not an option. The version of it in the Raspbian repositories is so out of date (though Chromium isn't much better) and runs like a an old arthritic asthmatic dog.
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