PDX to Manzanita; 4 hours, A foodie, 2 dogs
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This Sunday we’re picking up our cousin at PDX around noon and driving to Manzanita, where our checkin Time is 4:00. He is a foodie/winery kind of guy, and we’ll all need to eat lunch in that time frame. (We’ve been to Manzanita dozens of times and don’t need advice about getting or eating there, thanks.) What route should we take- 26 or 6- that will provide a delicious but casual opportunity for lunch? Oh, yes, we’ll have our 2 dogs with us. .

I’m aware there’s a foodie scene around Newberg, but that seems a bit too far out of the way
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There really isn’t a foodie-friendly spot between PDX and Manzanita on either route, aside from Cannon Beach, which is probably too close to Manzanita to consider a lunch stop. If it’s not, I love Ecola Seafoods, very casual but delicious.
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Oh, and it’s got outside tables, so it’s dog-friendly.
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It's not quite a foodie destination, but it's unique - Camp18! (Food is your basic lumberjack fare, but the restaurant is something everyone should see once.)

The building and grounds are beautiful. The whole building was built by the owner out of old, large trees. There's a small museum to logging on the grounds with old equipment.

Sit in the back by the river and watch the multiple birdfeeders.

It's close to the beach, 18 miles from Canon Beach on 26.
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I say this with all of the love in my heart for the Oregon coast: No matter the path, the swath of land from Portland to the coast is pretty sparse with humans to begin with. There are precious few spots worth stopping for food out of necessity, let alone for legit enjoyment.

A picnic is going to be your best bet. And it can be a pretty glorious bet. There's loads of spots to stop and have a nice hike and set up shop to eat lunch. I far prefer the coast range to the cascades because the trails are ignored, desolate quiet, and only shades less magnificent than the real mountains. Often ignored pullouts on the side of the road near rivers are particularly fantastic.

Runner up would include the Jetty Fishery just north of Rockaway. They'll sell you clams and oysters and the like, and you can roast them over a fire they usually have set up. Sometimes they have hot sauces and vinegar. Maybe bring your own. You'd want to go to Tillamook, then wing north.

Newberg is much more wine focused than food. The food can be okay (good even), but it's not the highlight, and not going out of your way for.
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Response by poster: Ok, points taken. Any good ideas for Portland, then- between PDX and 26? Remember- dogs.
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Well, you could take 30 instead of 26 and stop in Astoria where we have lots of places to eat, including such dog friendly spots as Buoy Beer. You'd get here around 1:45 or 2:00. It's about 45 minutes to an hour on 101 down the coast to Manzanita from Astoria. Or you could stop in Longview which is only about an hour from PDX, halfway between there and Astoria. I have no idea if there's anywhere good to eat there but the Grocery Outlet is definitely a good place to stock up on cheap wine. OR, and this is probably what I would do, take 26, go 20 minutes past Manzanita, and eat a late lunch at the Salmonberry Saloon in Wheeler, which is amazing.
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There are loads of dog-friendly places in NE Portland, easily accessible from the airport and on your way to 26. NE Alberta in particular might be a pleasant option. Tin Shed is quite tasty and well-regarded.

There are also some great food trucks on Alberta. You could get some food truck lunch and then walk a few blocks north to Alberta Park.

Given the timing of his flight, I bet this will be a great option for lunch, and it'll let your dogs get some energy out before the long drive.
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If you're hungry before leaving Portland, take Columbia Blvd from the airport to the Kenton neighborhood of North Portland. After you're done, you can jump on I-5 at Lombard.

Two food options:

Good food, relatively unknown outside the neighborhood: Swift & Union. A fair number of outdoor picnic tables, dog friendly. Should be quite empty around 1pm

Or Fino just up the street also has a few tables outside - go to the parking lot out back. Not a great view, but dog-friendly and delicious Italian food with superb desserts.
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...also, from Kenton, if you want to see more of the city, you can take Lombard through to the St. Johns Bridge (beautiful!), and head up and over Germantown Rd, which will get you out to Cornelius Pass Road, which you can take to Highway 26.

Time-wise it's usually similar to taking I-5/26, but it's a much prettier drive (except the Lombard portion). map.
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Coming from the airport? I would just plan to stop for lunch in Hillsboro - Hermanos Ochoa has outdoor seating (or the mercado next door does) for tacos and then take 6. Or take a picnic and stop somewhere in the forest to eat.
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Cornelius Pass is closed for construction so I don't think Germantown Rd will save you any time. A picnic at Tillamook Forestry Center might be nice tho. We've stopped there a couple of times and since it's state forest they allow dogs.
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Germantown has actually been fine while CP is closed (that’s my commute) but the whole thing through St Johns is a side trip much slower than taking 205 from the airport.
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