Last minute vacation ideas for Caffeine Detox? (<$1500)
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I'm trying to burn 56-72 hours of PTO by end of September. I'm planning to rest and quit caffeine, but thinking it would be cool to also have a change of scenery and take a trip. I just haven't got a lot of money saved up for it, any ideas for <$1500 USD?

Really want to get out of town (Chicago) but want to keep it under $1500. I'm pretty active but I'm not sure what my energy level will be like, since I'll also be using the time to quit caffeine (I've been drinking 5-6 cups of coffee every day for a few years). Hoping to rest and recharge, since work will be busy for the rest of the year.

I like nature, the great outdoors, beaches, mountains, desert, sunshine. Haven't explored much of the US, haven't gotten much vitamin D this year due to work. This will probably be a solo trip. I'll likely splurge on a good massage, but overall just hoping for a new experience or at least a new location.

Any rad ideas out there?
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La Paz, Mexico, if you don't mind some heat. Definitely has nature, beaches, desert, and sunshine. ~$350 r/t to Cabo San Jose, then ~$35 r/t for a comfortable shuttle to La Paz. My daughter and her boyfriend stayed in a comfortable and charming locally owned hotel for about $25/night last month. That leaves a lot for dining, tours (snorkeling, fishing, etc.), and massages. Or hotel upgrades. Or day trips.
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Go to a spa or B&B in Tucson!
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End of September is prime camping time here in central coast California if that's something you'd be interested in. We go to the Ventana wilderness, sometimes backpack, mostly "car-camp" near a creek with swimming holes, but there are loads of good spots so memail if you want more info.
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Right now is the off-season in the American desert resorts like Palm Springs, CA or Nevada or Arizona (because it’s hot). So going to a place like that will be cheaper than usual.
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You know your body better than we do, but for me, quitting that much caffeine would have me in enough pain that travel would be torture — not just "I don't have energy for a hike so I'll sit and watch the ocean" but "Oh god I want to die and I wish I was home in bed." It would be good to make plans that you can cut short or postpone without too much hassle.
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We just spent a week in NW Michigan, Traverse City area, on about your budget. Lots of nature and beaches.
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You could go up to Decorah, IA which isn't too far from you but is very beautiful. There are a ton of cool Airbnb places.
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When I've gone off caffeine, after a day or so, when the headache gets real bad, I take one swallow (only one) of my beverage of choice (I usually buy a Coke), which is usually enough. You may need to repeat.
You might not want to do this on vacation.
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Don't be ashamed to taper off the caffeine instead of go cold turkey, especially if you are at all susceptible to migraines.
Also Decorah IS beautiful! The lovely bluffs of the driftless region! Forest and rivers (called a mountain town without the mountain), instead of deserts or beaches though. Pretty hiking spots near by! Would DEFINITELY fit in your budget.
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How about Wisconsin? I'd suggest Madison (by bus) or Milwaukee (by train), with day trips or in-town trips to enjoy nature.

Madison is a pictureseque college town surrounded by 4 large lakes. Even within town, there are opportunities to see nature at multiple spots. The UW Arboreteum is a great place to hike,and the Aldo Leopold Nature Center is nice too. The Madison Road Trip blog lists several other good nature spots. (I favor Governor's Island, myself.). .. . And if you feel well enough to take an outing away from the city, you can drive to spots like Devil's Lake State Park or Mineral Point.

Milwaukee would be another easy trip, it's a more metropolitan city. But the city-county government has invested tremendously in a large parks system. Although technically not allowed, these woods are so deep that people forage for morels in them in the spring. . . If you didn't want to stay in Milwaukee, you could take the train there and then drive 45 minutes by car to stay near the Kettle Moraine State Park, Northern Unit. Lots of hiking and incredible classic forest views. Camping and cottage rental are both possible.
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Duluth/Superior. You can tire yourself out walking up and down the hill, lots of scenery, and I guarantee a dip in the lake will take your mind off caffeine.

Door County is nice too, and so is the UP in Michigan.

Or, Minneapolis/St. Paul?

In any event, have fun.
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As a person who has periodically gone off caffeine in the past, I'm seconding the idea that you probably don't want to be travelling during detox. I get hella bad headaches, and I get even more sensitive to the kinds of stimulus that annoys me. I'm sure I've even more of a pill to be around than normal during these times.

A friend of mine went off caffeine and it cured his night terrors! He was in his 20s, and convinced that sleep would never be safe for him. It also laid him out, hard. I don't know if he had migraines, but he didn't even watch TV. He couldn't look at screens, they were too bright, and he couldn't stand to listen to ... anything. If I recall, he said that after about day three he no longer wanted to die, and by day seven he was fine. I'm sure that's not an experience you'd want to have on vacation.
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Agreed that the Traverse City area (or just northern MI in general) would be a good option - it’ll be a great time of year to be outside.

I would definitely taper the caffeine rather than going cold turkey - I find tapering caffeine pretty effortless and cold turkey stops quite miserable, though of course ymmv. My favorite way to taper is to gradually decrease coffee but substitute with unlimited black tea, then once I’m off coffee completely and just drinking black tea, gradually decrease it and drink unlimited green tea, then gradually replace that with non-caffeinated beverages.
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