What's like Chocolati hot chocolate mix, but shipped from closer to NYC?
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We like the Chocolati world blend hot chocolate mix, but we're a bit sad to be paying shipping from Seattle. Is there anything with a similarly smooth, rich texture, that costs less after accounting for shipping? Alternatively, your best recipes for smooth, rich hot chocolate?
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Jacques Torres makes a rather nice cocoa mix, and he has stores around the City. Also, Max Brenner near Union Square has a bunch of nice hot chocolate options. But, I don't know whether they sell a dry mix to take home.
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Yup, I’m with Citrus. Jacques Torres makes a great powdered hot chocolate mix. I’ve only had his hot chocolate in his shop, but it tastes like drinking rich liquid Belgian chocolate pudding. Delicious and local to NYC.
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My favorite way to make hot chocolate:
1. Take some nice-ish chocolate of your choice (I use the nicer variety of chocolate chips from the grocery store), and dump a bunch in the bottom of a microwaveable cup. You can adjust this to your taste, but I recommend being generous.
2. Cover the chocolate 50-75% with milk (or water can work too). Try not to completely cover the chocolate.
3. Microwave for about 15 seconds. The chocolate should not be melted but the milk may have come to a boil or could be steaming.
4. Stir the milk and chocolate into a delicious glossy-looking ganache. I use a fork. If you still have lumps you could try microwaving for another 5 seconds or so
5. Fill the cup halfway with warm/hot milk (to your drinking preference), and stir together the ganache and the milk. The ganache should incorporate nicely without any chunks.
6. Fill the cup up the rest of the way.
7. Enjoy

Depending on your generosity with the chocolate, this can be ridiculously rich and smooth. If I have small squares of chocolate, I'll use 2 or 3 squares per cup, splitting between milk and dark chocolate.
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that girl's hot chocolate recipe is exactly the same as mine. Except if I'm feeling really decadent, (and want to make an accordingly smaller physical quantity) I use half and half.

The reason you make a ganache instead of just doing it all at once is so you only need to get a little bit of the milk real hot - if you do it all in one step you're basically guaranteed to scald most of the milk.

What's in the Chocolati mix? Is it just chocolate? It looks like it might just be chocolate. In which case it's the same as this.
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Burdick's, which is really a Cambridge (MA) import, but it's what you need. And I mean need.
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Burdick's cocoa mix is just chocolate shavings, which is good, but you can just use any good quality chocolate if you don't want to go out of your way
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i like the mariebelle dark and the spicy one. the shop is on broome st i think?
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