Microsoft OneNote Sync Problem -- Need help recovering missing pages
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I have been using Microsoft OneNote for some time on my Windows desktop, through the Office 365 site in Chrome and on my iPhone. All seems to have been working pretty well all that time across those devices, but I just saw two pages in a notebook disappear before my eyes and I can't seem to find them anywhere.

I can't remember what order I created the pages, but I recall editing them at different times on both the web version as well as my iPhone. When I went to look at them in Chrome, I noticed that two of the pages were missing from a section. I opened my phone to see if they were still there, and saw them there briefly before it must have triggered a sync and they disappeared.

Here is where it gets odd:

- I can find no trace of the pages on either the web or desktop versions of OneNote. They are not under the "Deleted Notes" area (though I do see a few notes I have deleted in the past).

- If I search for the pages or any of their content on the web or desktop version, nothing comes up.

- If I search in the iPhone app, I see the titles of the pages in the results. But if I tap on either of those two missing pages nothing happens. I can tap on other results to open those pages, but not on the two problem pages. So, they seem to be in some sort of limbo on the iPhone.

Is there some place on the iPhone to find those deleted pages? Is there some hard to find location in OneNote, OneDrive or on my desktop that I might find them?
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OneDrive has options for restoring an old file version. I would make a copy of the current file on the desktop and rename it. Then try restoring to a time after you created these pages.
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