Rubber Ducks for Rubber Duck Debugging
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I teach middle school (ages 11-14) Computer Science and would like to get about 60 *non-squeaking* rubber ducks for students. They will use them for rubber duck debugging in class. Where can I get good ducks within the next 7-10 days without breaking the bank?

I'm in a city in the US and am happy to go in person or order online. I've been checking the usual suspects: Amazon, Oriental Trading, etc, but would love recommendations. The ducks must NOT squeak. I'd be open to erasers instead of plastic, but am looking for liklely at least 1.5"/4cm length.

I'm also looking for suggestions for easy access storage. Ideally, I'd love suggestions for a caddy, one spot for each duck. I'd only need about 30 ducks accessible at a time.
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We have these from Oriental Trading (plus a few other outfits) and they do not squeak.
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How about these from American science & surplus?
They might have a good storage thingy too if you browse around.
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Do they have to be ducks specifically? The dollaramas around here sell little baggies of rubber bath toys of that type but each bag has lots of different animals, not just ducks. They don't squeak.
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In general I go to dhgate for stuff like that although I don't know that the delivery time will work for your immediate needs. But you can get 100 of those little duck erasers for under $40.
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For rubber duck storage, I'd look at Christmas tree ornament storage. They come in a variety of spacer sizes (and size of storage pieces generally), and can be pretty inexpensive.
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Reviews say these ducks don't squeak.
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For storage, I wonder if a mug cubby would be the right size. Or, if not a fancy mug cubby, one of the rugged-ass plastic racks you use to send a bunch of mugs through an industrial size dishwasher, which are no doubt cheaper.
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Oriental Trading ducks don't squeak.
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Thanks for the help, all!

After talking further with some fellow CS teachers, I decided to go with the ducks Kriesa linked. They have Good variety, not too big/small, and a good price point for that sort of bulk buy. They do squeak a little when repeatedly squeezed, but are a good fit so far.

For storage, I ended up getting some clear plastic, divided bead storage containers from Michaels for about $3 a piece. Each can hold 15 ducks. I did end up permanently removing the lids and kids do have to squish their ducks slightly to get them in, but it's working well so far. The ducks squish just enough that they won't fall out if we turn the container over, but not enough to cause a permanent deformation. I labeled each section with the student's laptop number, then wrote the student's name & number on the bottom of each duck.

The kids are really excited to use their ducks so far and call them their "Coding Therapists." The storage has made it easy for kids to retrieve and put their ducks properly each day & I can easily check if everything's in the right spot. 10/10 would recommend.
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