I want to get HIIT in New York City
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I'm looking for HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout classes on the Upper East Side in NYC. Thanks for your recommendations!
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Fhitting Room has an Upper East Side studio. If you want to try a variety of classes, classpass might work for you because you can narrow by location and class type, including HIIT.
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Seconding classpass - I think you can filter by HIIT classes and try out a variety before you commit to a studio or two.
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If you can't find a class that fits your schedule, you could try something at-home/ self-paced like Body Boss. My wife and I did that together, with notable results. Where we weren't sure what the exercises were supposed to look like, we found example videos on YouTube. In fact, there's someone who posted BB videos of her own progress from the beginning, so you could even test out the program by sampling the program via YouTube "play-through" videos.
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If you're willing to come down by Grand Central, Brick has a traditional HIIT class (B|X) and one that's a bit less conditioning and a bit skewed to strength movements (B|FIT). I'm pretty sure you can check it out on classpass too.
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