Will I ever get to inbox zero?
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I need help with Gmail and Apple Mail logic

1. I know that Gmail labels work as folders in Apple Mail
2. I have IMAP enabled so that whatever changes I make in Apple Mail will be synced to Gmail (when I view it on my web browser) and vice versa
3. I have created some Smart Mailboxes to help me manage my mail.

So here's where I'm stumped:

1. If I move the email to a certain folder, when I check in Gmail it has the same label, which is good. But it's still in the inbox of Gmail, but has disappeared from my view in Apple Mail.

2. What do I do so that after applying the label/folder, I have the option of archiving it in Gmail (so when I look at it in web it's no longer in the inbox) + also disappears from my view in Apple Mail?
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Inbox is a label in Gmail too, so you need to check that your filter also removes the label "inbox". Eg If your new label/folder is "my-project"you'll be wanting to add the label "my-project" and delete the label "inbox".
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