Which Congress people are in this photo?
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Can you identify any of the Congress members, staff, and others in this photo? The vast majority of them are new members in the House of Representatives.
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Donna Shalala is third from left in front. Kevin McCarthy is fourth from right in the front row, and to his left is Steny Hoyer.
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The guy in the yellow collared shirt, second from the right in the third row may be Pete Stauber (R-MN-08). I don't see any other reps from Minnesota and we have 4 more freshman this year besides Stauber (Omar, Craig, Phillips and Hagedorn).
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Chris Pappas (D-NH 1) is third row, second from the left
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Kevin McCarthy is sixth from the right and Steny Hoyer is to McCarthy's right (our left).
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This page might help identify more people. It has pictures of all the reps.
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I believe the gentleman next to the above mentioned yellow polo wearer in the grey polo is Jared Golden (ME 2nd district rep).
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Max Rose is the guy in the third row in front of the flag (the flag to our left). There is no one behind him the fourth row.
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And I see Lucy McBath, the African-American woman in the second row, to the right of center.
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The lady in black on the far right is Kendra Horn (D-OK)
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I believe Lori Trahan (D-MA) is two people to Lucy McBath's left.
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Second row from bottom, I believe 3rd from left is Sean Casten Il-6, same row 3rd from right may be Sharice Davids from KS-3.
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Yes, I believe jacy is correct about Sean Casten. In the back row, the gentleman fourth from the right looks like Brad Schneider (IL-10).
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3rd from right may be Sharice Davids from KS-3

pretty certain that is correct.

Back row (or second to back row, depending on how youre counting) older bearded bespectacled, bald white dude in the blue shirt is Ted Deutch (FL-22).

Behind Deutch in the jacket-no-tie is, i am fairly certain, Antonio Delgado, from upstate New Y ork.
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Front row, second from the left, looks like it might be Haley Stevens (MI-11).
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The Asian man towards the back on the left with glasses and in the pink shirt/ dark jacket is Andy Kim, NJ-03. He's the Democrat that beat Tom MacArthur, the Republican architect of the awful MacArthur amendment that would have gutted the ACA.
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The white woman second-to-the-left in the second-to-the-front row (half hidden, short blonde hair) is Chrissy Houlahan, a first-term Democrat from PA-06.
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99 percent sure the brunette woman behind Kevin McCarthy is Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.).
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ah, sorry, i think i'm wrong on that. looks a lot like her, though!
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Third row middle-ish blond man in the jacket next to the bald man is Mike Levin from Orange County / San Diego, California 49th district who took Darrell Issa’s longtime seat!
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Second row, seventh from right is John Rose (R), TN - 6. First elected in 2018 to fill seat vacated by Diane Black who lost in the Republican primary for Governor of TN
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