Replace my favorite wallet?
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My beloved old Target wallet was lost. It was perfect but they no longer make it. Is there a duplicate out there? It was basically a glorified coin purse with a card slip, but I can’t seem to find anything like it!

So it was two parts: a coin purse and a card slip. The coin purse was still small enough to fit in a loose pocket and had an outer slash pocket with a vinyl window for ID. This was perfect for putting my work ID cards (I work in a hospital so have a stack with a lanyard attached). The top zipped open and had room for folded bills, receipts, coins, store cards, etc., as well as a card slip. So it was bigger than a small coin purse but not that much bigger. The card slip had no zip but an opening on the top and side to jam extra stuff in, two sewn card slots on one side (to stick important credit cards), and a clear ID window on the other for my driver’s license.

It was a plain colored fake leather and the inside was some kind of fabric with dots on it. It was nothing fancy (cost maybe $5-8, 9-10 years ago?) but it was the perfect wallet for me! I’ve searched high and low for a replacement and for two separate items (coin purse+card slip) but can’t find either that are as the old was. Coin purses are either too big or too small and don’t have the slightly oversized outer pocket for my work ID, and the card slips don’t have the right combo of window/slots/open pocket. Does such a thing (single or in combination) exist?
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I'm not sure what a "card slip" is. I would've thought it was same as the "outer slash pocket with a vinyl window for ID", but you say the card slip was inside the pouch. In case others are similarly confused, can you explain?
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I am also having problems visualizing it, but there are a ton of people who will make a custom wallet for you over at
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It's discontinued, so you'll have to look via eBay or Poshmark, but Truffle's Privacy coin pouch and card case sound close to what you're looking for.
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A card slip is something that only holds credit cards and generally does not have any zippers or pockets for bills or coins. Here is an example, though this has only a top opening and not one on the side. Some have a window pocket, but most don't. They are often sold with women's wallets or small purses.
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You might try looking for front pocket wallets, (aka slim wallets), of which there are many varieties that will be close to what you are looking for maybe? Here are some examples of a zipper area and id: small or RFID blocking or something like this from amazon?
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Do these fit the bill?

Zip around wallet
Vivo (no interior window)
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Something like this one? No card slip, but those are easier to find.
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Response by poster: Yes, the pink one on Amazon is very close!, except the top zipper went all the way across so it could hold the inner card holder and miscellaneous receipts, cash, etc. comfortably as well.
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I think I had the same wallet. Is this close?
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I think I may have had this in a teal color (and might still have it)...I'll look when I get home later.
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Response by poster: Thank you for the suggestions! Unfortunately, it is not any of these. It was a pouch with a zip top, not a zip-around model, and did not have the accordion bits in the middle.
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I like this minimal Tom Bihn wallet, but it may not be quite right.
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Front pocket wallets: Slim, card slots, zipped coin section, with the ID window in the 'badge' version, and similar here and here.
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Search amazon for a Taxi Wallet -- I loooooove mine!
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Something like this?
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Zappos has a lot of wallets. Try “zipper card case” as a search term there.
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I have the Big Skinny Money Penny Coin Holder. It doesn't have an internal card holder, but it does have room to put cards and cash inside (just).
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Response by poster: Gnomeloaf, that’s it! Incredible! I guess Target ripped off their design? Thanks to everyone else for the many other suggestions!
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I've been using this for about a year. I love it.
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This seems similar to what you describing, but not identical. They have some other, similar items as well.
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There's a larger version of what Gnomeloaf suggested, too.
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