Looking to throw a particular type of shade - the lamp edition
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I picked up two of these lamps for free at the Carling Dump in Ontario this summer. Both shades are broken, and I'd like to replace them. I'm guessing they're Canadian. Problem is I have absolutely no idea how to go about finding them, given their provenance. Googling the model number on the base doesn't help. Long shot, but I'm hoping somebody here has a better idea. Very close approximations are welcome, but I'd love to find the original item. Thank you!
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At this time, I can only give you more clues.

1. The UL sticker corresponds to a manufacturer, Evolution Lighting (Asia) Ltd.

2. The shade material is mica or a simulation of mica.
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Thank you, both. It seems I should be looking at Meyda Tiffany to hunt down the exact replacements.
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I have the exact same lamp, but as a floor lamp. A cursory glance in my files finds none of the paperwork I hope I had saved. But I do know that it was bought at a Bed, Bath, and Beyond, in the United States, sometime around 2003.
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I found two pictures on an online selling site that shows what I think could be one in the original box, sold by Sears Canada, with a date of 1999.
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I actually found my model using the wayback machine. Bottom left lamp on this page.

They still had it in 2004, but not in 2006.
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I'm afraid I can't help with brand specifics but lamps like this were everywhere in the US in the mid 2000s; large chains like Target and Home Depot sold no-name faux-mica table lamps like this for about $50. I never got around to picking one up and before I knew it they disappeared completely.

Some terms that may be helpful in your search: "Mission Style," "Arts and Crafts," "Prairie Style," "Oil Rubbed Bronze," and the aforementioned "Mica".
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I looked up mica shades and found a few like yours. See this and this. It seems this is a common style of that type of shade, so I would do some more searches along those lines. Looks like one is available on Amazon also. I found these with a Google image search for "mica shade."
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Thank you all so much. Of course, now I have to decide if I feel like spending close to $200 to fix something that I got out of the dump. :) If I can figure out where I can buy amber mica in Brooklyn, I might take a shot at just trying to fix the ones I have.

You all are great!
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I don't have anything to add about your lamp Lassie but I hope you had a good time in beautiful Carling Township!
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I used to work in a paper museum, a lot of our collection was Arts and Crafts or Art Deco. We successfully made oiled paper lampshades that look a lot like the mica ones. If you aren't particularly rambunctious and don't small children around its a really easy, cheap, and attractive option. Just google "oiled paper lampshades" and you can find basic examples and directions. I would practice on an armature made out of coathanger or something until I got what I liked and then try replacing the cracked panels.
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