Where can I sell a last minute broadway ticket?
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I have a ticket to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway (both parts) for this Wednesday. The seat is good (2nd row orchestra!) and the cost is reasonable ($330 for both parts!) but since it’s so last minute I don’t know where to sell them! The added difficulty is that they are mobile/digital tickets - so I have to transfer the tickets from my Ticketmaster account to someone else’s. Ticketmaster doesn’t seem to have a resale option for them, and StubHub won’t approve me because I’ve never sold with them before. Help!
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Have you tried seatgeek?
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Try posting on Craigslist and Facebook if you haven’t already. Message everyone you know and ask if they would pass on the info if they know anyone who would be interested in a ticket. Selling a ticket last minute is so stressful, sorry you are going though this!
ETA: you might have to take a loss on the tickets. Think about what you’d be willing to take for them before you get any offers.
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You could try the broadwayworld.com boards, both the Broadway one and the new buy/sell one. I don't think they handle the transactions, but it would be a good way to find a buyer.
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Do some charity groups let you donate for a tax refundable value perhaps? I am very uneducated in this area but I swear I'd heard of that before.
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Husband suggests checking for ticket availability where you originally purchased, then checking stubhub for appropriate price and posting the tix there. Going slightly under face value would probably help.

He also says "Sorry" because he really enjoyed the show and is #keepingthesecrets.
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