cute / creative texts to encourage bf's gym habit
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My boyfriend has very specifically asked me to support his gym habit by sending him reminder/check-in/encouraging texts on the days that he plans on going after work. I'm like, 5 texts in and already resorting to cheesy gifs. Help me think of cute/funny/creative messages to help support and motivate him.

He is very nerdy (works at GenCon, loves Dungeons and Dragons, Magic, all of the board games; Pokémon; Star Wars; anime; etc etc), so working a reference in would be extra credit. A multi-text Burma-Shave type of poem would be fun too.

To emphasize, he specifically asked me for support in this way and has been appreciative of my efforts so far, so this isn't me asking for creative ways to nag.
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Jokes riffing on Muscle Wizard would be fun.
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You can't go wrong with Han Swolo references.
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What about Star TREK? Any line mentioning Jim could be changed to gym, lol.
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On days you don't have a pun or gif handy, you could just ask him what he plans on doing at the gym that day. I find telling someone I am going for a run increases that chance I will actually go for a run.
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"I find your lack of weights disturbing."
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YMMV based on his personality, your relationship, and his "Love Language," but there is a general format for compliments that you could use to generate a large number of encouraging texts:

1) Start with something external/visible about him you love (physical attribute, habit, actions)
2) Tell him what #1 says about his mind/spirit that you love, and then,
3) Tell him the effect #1 and #2 have on you and how you feel about him.

We use this format in our relationship classes and couples love this. Plus, at the risk of over-generalizing based on gender, men tend to love admiration. Admiration is the universal "anti-nag."
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A series of nerdy texts about the coming zombie hoards he has to get in shape to fight/run away from/etc., would make me laugh and get me to the gym, but I do realize that's very my-humor-specific.
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The fitness collection at LookHuman has a lot of clever slogans, some with nerdy/pop culture references.
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Aren't you a little buff for a stormtrooper? ;)
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Hey, cheesy GIFs are freaking awesome! Is there a reason why you feel like that's not enough?

Maybe it's just that I'm lazy, but last year I committed to sending a little "joke of the day" in my kids' lunch 3 days a week. It was WAY harder to keep up through the year than I expected! And that was all my own idea, my kids never asked me to do that work. If a significant other asked me to send them motivating messages, I personally would be wary of committing to any more effort than a cheesy GIF especially because the request is so open ended: you would be doing this several times a week possibly forever.

On the other hand, there are lots of women who create elaborate bento box edible art-lunches to motivate their SOs to eat healthy, and they seem to get their creative kicks that way... so I get that YMMV. Just wanted to put this thought out there.
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Start with the alphabet and get 26 texts. A is because you are absolutely going to alleviate your blues tonight at the gym. B is because you are going to bash your goals tonight, etc.
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When in doubt, write a haiku.
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Anything referencing Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base.
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If I ran outta stuff, I might just ask whoever's around to say some encouraging words and then be like, "Mo says whatever." Takes the pressure off you; spreads the love around.
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Anime seems like it could be a very rich source of material. Depending on what kinds of shows he likes you could make references to an imaginary exercise-centered rivalry with someone, or sensei/senpai comments, or any of a million other tropes. Or send him pictures of relevant characters looking passionately, gloriously determined because the fate of the world rests on their going to the gym and competing for the title of Number-One Gym Goer first in their neighborhood, then in their town, then in their country, and then, at long last, in the world!

You'd probably have to watch some of his shows yourself to do this right, though.
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He likes Skyrim too, right? I mean, he basically must. It's a gold-mine for absurd gym jokes. "I need to be able to carry ALL my burdens!" "The gods gave you two arms and you use them both for your elliptical! I like that in a boyfriend." "I used to be a gym-goer like you. Then I took an arrow to the knee." et cetera et cetera.
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Have you heard of Nerd Fitness? You might find some fitspo there.
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I think anyone of these images of vintage exercise equipment would be most amusing.
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Also, just to make sure, you are allowed to and absolutely should ask him for a once-a-day encouraging text about what goals you're trying to do. And you should, just so it's clear that specific asks are welcomed and you get to cheer each other on and think of each other and be funny when you're apart.
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