Looking for further watching/reading/listening about large-scale scams.
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What are some books/podcasts/articles about scams/frauds that I should check out?

I recently finished the book "Bad Blood" by John Carreyrou about the Theranos scandal and proceeded to check out ABC's podcast "The Dropout" and HBO's documentary "Out for Blood" about the same. I was fascinated by the whole thing, especially how some very wealthy people seemingly did no due diligence before handing over millions of dollars, and how people fell for the whole cult of personality around Elizabeth Holmes. Similarly, I was fascinated by the whole Fyre Festival thing (I have seen both the Hulu and Netflix documentaries) and the story of Anna Delvey.

What would you recommend to someone looking for more non-fiction documentaries, books, and podcasts about similar frauds?
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Who the Hell is Hamish? is a podcast about a scam artist that took a bunch of money from all sorts of people. He didn't do stuff to the scale of Elizabeth Holmes but it's still a pretty good listen.
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Maria Konnikova's book The Confidence Game is quite interesting and covers a number of scams. I think she did a podcast centered around it as well.
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Dirty John is a podcast (and there's a lot of other media about the guy) about a guy who scammed women. Not quite a corporate scam story, but fascinating.

A Conspiracy of Fools is a book about the Enron scam/scandal.
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The Dream podcast - about multi-level marketing companies.
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The Big Short (book and movie) is based on a true story about the 2008 financial collapse.
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Came here to recommend The Dream as well - I found it VERY informing and engrossing to learn about the long-term ongoing scam of how MLMs became legal, the rest is good too.
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Liar City
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nth-ing 'The Dream'--it's put together really well.

'Swindled' isn't exactly what you're looking for, but it's pretty close.

The AARP produces a podcast (because 2019), 'The Perfect Scam,' with Frank Abagnale of 'Catch Me If You Can' fame. I haven't listened to it, but it seems like something you might like.
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"The Smartest Guys in the Room" was a great 2005 movie about the Enron scandal. Trailer (SLYT):
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Betting On Zero about MLM/pyramid schemes, specifically Herbalife.
Vice YouTube story about Lularoe MLM.
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This ask.me from earlier today Do you think my friend's behavior is ethical? may be of interest. Very small scale, but interesting.

Frank Abagnale's book Catch Me If You Can is fascinating,and the movie is pretty good.
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There's a new book out about Anna Sorokin/Anna Delvey who scammed many people, including the rich and famous, in New York a few years ago. It's called My Friend Anna.

Also the Dirty John podcast was based on the book Dirty John and Other True Stories of Outlaws and Outsiders, which is a collection of newspaper stories by LA Times reporter Christopher Goffard.
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Seconding Swindled and The Perfect Scam podcasts. Really fascinating looks at a lot of different scams.
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Michael Lewis, the author of the aforementioned "The Big Short," also wrote "Flash Boys" about the high-speed stock trading, and how it allows the literally well-connected to take advantage of anyone with a poorer connection than them.

He also has a podcast called Against the Rules which is less about cons and scams and more about the failures of institutional referees to prevent cons and scams.

This New Yorker article about thriller-writer Dan Mallory may be of interest.

Stephen Glass, a writer fro The New Republic, was discovered to be a fabulist. The whole story is covered in this Vanity Fair article. He later wrote an autobiographical novel called The Fabulist, which may or may not be of interest.

Stephen Glass reminds me of a funny story, long since pulled, he told on This American Life (his account of being a phone psychic for a hotline, which TAL could never confirm once they had a reason to look into it). That reminds me, in turn, of Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory, a full-hour episode featuring monologist Mike Daisey talking about the working conditions of the Foxconn iPhone factory. When it was discovered to have been substantially fabricated, TAL pulled the first ep and released a new ep, Retraction, which covered the detective work by Marketplace's China correspondent which uncovered the falsehoods.
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Krebs on Security.
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Yet another vote for The Dream. So, so good.
American Greed: both the TV show and the podcast.
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Daniel Davies's great book Lying For Money: How Legendary Frauds Reveal The Workings Of Our World -- currently out in the UK and soon (2020?) available in the US. I read the UK edition and thought it was fantastic -- informative and well-structured and funny.
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Not sure if this is quite what you're looking for, but A Piece of Blue Sky, by former Scientologist Jon Atack, is about the development of Dianetics and Scientology, up through the 15x hike in course fees after Hubbard's death.
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