All in one excema soap for color treated hair?
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Is there an all in one body soap that won't flare me up?

Ideally I'm looking for a body soap for excema sufferer that:

- can also be used as shampoo
is safe for color treated hair

The soap I use now is a bar that works wonders on my skin which flares up with virtually all other soaps.

I don't know what the active ingredients are in this soap, but if there's something like this that I can also use as shampoo on my full head of highlights I would be very happy.
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It is quite expensive* for something that could be a hit or miss for you, but I have chemical allergies and eczema and have fallen totally in love with New Wash after I started reacting to my expensive salon shampoo and conditioner. Switching to this and the subsequent effect of lowering the frequency of how often I wash my hair has made a huge impact on the health of my scalp. I just got color last week and my stylist told me my hair has never felt healthier or looked better, too!

If you try it, make sure to buy their little scrubby brush. I took New Wash and the scrubby to my salon so she could rinse me with it after color and my stylist loved both the formulation and the brush, noting that similar brushes tangle really easily but this one didn't!

*I was able to rationalize the price by noting that it's no more expensive than using salon products, and switching to this single product allowed me to cut out shampoo, conditioner, and multiple styling products!
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I haven't used it, but coincidentally today I learned that Adasept skin cleanser has a companion shampoo. I know it's not an all in one solution, but it might be something to consider. Alternatively, in your case I might try using just the regular Adasept cleanser as a shampoo and see how that works. It certainly lathers up enough that it might be feasible.
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Active Ingredients listed on the box:
Fucus Vesiculosus Extract (tincture) [bladderwrack, brown seaweed]
Centella Asiatica Extract (tincture) [gotu kola]
Melissa Officinalis Extract (tincture) [lemon balm]
Aloe Socotrina Extract (tincture)

If these ingredients check out for your hair color, maybe try the body wash version of this product?
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What causes color treated hair to fade is the cuticle opening up and allowing dye particles to wash away. The damage done to hair by bleaching is also damage to the cuticle of the hair, causing moisture loss. So you need to minimize the cuticle lifting whether your hair is bleached and/or tinted. You can do as many of these as possible: 1.) Wash less 2.) use cool water 3.) avoid sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, and sodium chloride 4.) make sure the products you're using to wash your hair have a pH of 4.5-5.5. Luckily all of these conditions are beneficial for eczema as well. I don't have a specific recommendation, but you could test the pH of the soap you like to see if it's appropriate for hair.
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Response by poster: @Iris. Unfortunately another company has purchased that company and now their body wash has cheaper ingredients that don't help me as much as their older version did. I didn't even know about it until one day I bought a bottle that made me flare up and I realized the ingredients on the label were suddenly different. Thankfully the solid soap version still has the original ingredients, but I'm stocking up on it in case they change that one too.
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