The names of my youth
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Is there any way to learn more about this person mentioned who James Cagney mentioned in passing?

In the book Alcohol in the Movies, 1898-1962: A Critical History there is this passage:
When Cagney received the American Film Institute Lifetime Achievement Award on March 13, 1974, he made a gracious, understated, thoughtful acceptance speech in which he offered a number of thanks to those people from his youth who had influenced his acting style. Among them were childhood acquaintances from the environment of his boyhood: New York's Lower East Side. Cagney ended his speech with a tribute to them:
"And the names, the names, the names of my youth: Lager-head Quinnlivan, Artie Klein, Pete Leyden, Jake Bodkin, Specks Toporcer, Brother O'Mara, Picky Hoolihan! They were all part of a very stimulating early environment which produced that unmistakable touch of the gutter without which this evening might never have happened at all."
So here I am to ask you researchers and historians and genealogists, amateur and professional: is there any way to find out who Brother O'Mara was? I can only imagine that in the LES in the early 1900s there were more O'Maras than one could shake a stick at, and with no first name to go on ... well, you'd know better than I if this is something that's not worth even exploring.
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The past was weird...I could easily see "Brother" being an actual name. Phone books? I would contact the NYPL main branch (on 42nd st). They have microfilm of basically every periodical ever, and IIRC phone books too.
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'Brother' means a lay member of a male religious orders - someone who has professed vows but not been ordained a priest (or they'd be 'Father').

One place to start might be with the religious orders in NYC who were present at the time. Still a big haystack, but it's a start. His wikipedia bio says he was confirmed at St. Frances de Sales parish. The Salesians of Don Bosco are known to work with poor children; I'd probably start digging thereabouts.
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Ah - the Christian Brothers are also big in education and schools.
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Yeah it's almost certainly a Christian Brother, given geography.
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Maybe he is an actual Brother, or maybe it is a nickname. Boys often were known by nicknames in those days, as you can see by "Picky, Lager-head, and Specks" in this list. My Irish American Dad said often only your mother called you by your full given name. He had a friend named Snake Sullivan whose real name he did not even know. My Dad's nickname was "Monk" for a while, because he was the good boy compared to his rowdy brothers and they thought he would become a priest. He met my Mom, and that did not happen, luckily for me and my brother.
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This feels like a question for Karina Longworth, host of You Must Remember This podcast.
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This episode of the podcast The Secret History of Hollywood goes into a lot of detail about Cagney's early life--I can't remember if he specifically mentions all of those people but I would bet some of them are in there. Either way it's a fantastic podcast. This episode intertwines the story of the Warner brothers with Cagney's and it's fascinating.
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The 1974 Movietone News article about the AFI tribute lists alternate spellings of the names: "Loggerhead Quinliven, Artie Klein, Jake Brodkin, Brother O’Meara, Pinky Hoolihan."
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Augh, hit post too soon: and Cagney's own "Cagney by Cagney" (1976) has the spelling as O'Meara, too.
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I was wondering if the O'Mara I found was a choice of spelling during transcription. If it's really O'Meara then I'm far less interested. Thanks for that!
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