Washington DC Auto Title Question Part II
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Is it possible for our daughter to register a car in her name in Washington DC, even though the Vermont title is in our name? Do we have to switch the name on the title in Vermont first?

Last week we asked if there was a way for our daughter to register our car in Washington DC and have it remain in our name. With the help of AskMe and the Vermont DMV we learned it was not an option. Now we are planning to give the car to our daughter. We would like to minimize the steps in this process and both change the name on the title and register the car in Washington DC at the same time. is this possible? What are the simplest steps to make this happen?
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You sign the car over on the Vermont title, she takes it to DC when it’s time to register, they take it from her and register the car in her name, and issue (later) a new title from DC. Some taxes may be involved.
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I meant to raise this as an option before though it may not work - any chance your daughter can get a private, off-street parking space in DC?
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