Cheese fondue: freezing leftovers?
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So we had cheese fondue, it went ok, coated well, tasted good. The very plain recipe was emmental, gruyere, white wine and a bit of garlic. There's lots of cheese left, now in a solid plasticky block in a pan (emmental, man *sighs*). It was delicious when warm and is now a bit disgusting. Can I freeze it and re-heat for later? Will it regain it's pleasant properties or has the cheese now been cooked too much to go back to a liquid state?
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I have done this (not freezer, just fridge and re-heat next day). It got a little rubbery; we thinned it back out with some more wine and I think some more corn starch and that kind of helped.
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My apologies if I am just brainstorming rather than specifically answering the question "can I freeze fondue" (because my personal answer to that is "I have no idea") but if this were my leftover fondue I'd dice it up and try to use it to make mac and cheese or something in that vein rather than try for Fondue, Part Deux: Electric Boogaloo. Unless you want to set it aside for several weeks I wouldn't bother freezing. Cheese keeps for a long time in the fridge and there's nothing you did to it that will cause it to spoil any faster.
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I dont know about freezing, I have never frozen cheese in my life, but for the time left at room temperature I think the 2 hour/4 hour rule applies.
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... once you've frozen the cheese, it's best used for cooking. So based on that I'd go with drlith's suggestion.
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In the unlikely event of left over fondue in our house, we usually slice it and spread it on toast
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The best mac and cheese I ever had was made with leftover fondue.
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In fact the cold slab of stretchy cheese turns out to be surprisingly delicious still! We were going to get the fondue set out again tonight but it might not last that long. Thanks for the answers everyone.
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