Watching Fleabag in Canada with a US account
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I'm visiting Toronto from the US and want to watch Fleabag on Amazon Prime. It says the content isn't available in my country. I have a US-based Amazon account and credit card which seems to be the problem. But I know Fleabag is available in Canada- is there any way I can watch it?

I've seen this. But is there a workaround?
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I'm unsure whether you can sign up for an Amazon Prime trial on a new account without providing a credit card (or if Amazon Canada cares if you use a US credit card) but the easiest thing to try may be to sign up for an account with a different email address, sign into Prime using that new account, and then stream from there.

My guess is that Amazon US and Amazon CA are separate entities are far as streaming goes and they're streamlining their licensing by only showing things where they own the worldwide rights to customers abroad.
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You could sign up for a VPN service. Many of them—TunnelBear, ExpressVPN, etc—offer free trial accounts. Connect to an exit node in the US and will stream Fleabag to it while your VPN connection then squirts it across the border to you.
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Hopefully the suggestions above work, but just a heads up that I'm in Canada and know two other Canadians (who don't use VPN) who got this message recently when trying to watch Fleabag. There's a small possibility the site is having intermittent issues with the show in general and that it has nothing to do with your travelling. In both my friends' cases, the issue spontaneously resolved itself later.
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