Massively multiplayer music
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I'm looking for videos of music being performed by tons of people. Maybe they're just edited together like this video of 40 musicians independently covering Porcupine Tree's Trains or maybe they gathered together like the 1000 musicians in Cesena playing Learning To Fly.

For the purposes of this question, I'm not looking for things like big band, orchestras, GYBE, etc. Those groups, while large, regularly play together and are playing music intentionally composed for large groups, which for some reason doesn't feel the same. I want the schmoop that comes from disparate people who might not have any ongoing reason to associate coming together physically or virtually to play the same song. Is there more of this out there than just the linked examples?
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Paranoid Android Youtube Artist Mix (by the same person who did the Porcupine Tree video, even!)
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Courtney Love in Florence- Celebrity Skin
Really any of the videos from Rockin’ 1000.
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Apartment Sessions! Motherlode here
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77 Boadrum! 88 Boadrum! 111 Boadrum!
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Kutiman's ThruYou is the solid gold standard here. Simply incredible audiovisual match ups of dozens of YouTube videos. He also did a follow-up and similar projects.

InBflat lets you make custom remixes of a bunch of people exploring the same soothing theme on a wide variety of instruments.

Dozens of people spread throughout an apartment building cover Arcade Fire's anthemic "Wake Up" in one take.
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Would you like to hear 1,500 people sing Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" with Rufus Wainwright? (YT, From Choir! Choir! Choir!)
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I can't find the specific video I used to watch years ago, but in googling for it, I found out it's a whole thing for people on nico nico douga to do!
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Spinal Tap got "every bass player in the known universe" to join them on stage at Live Earth in 2007 to play Big Bottom. The song itself is... probably offensive.
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Beck and 157 musicians covering David Bowie’s Sound and Vision
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This is technically a band but with 186? more piccolos than usual: Dallas Winds: Stars and Stripes Forever
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Playing For Change is an organization that promotes music as a tool for international/interpersonal understanding. They do videos with musicians in places around the world performing the same song, then edited together. The most recent one I saw was "Higher Ground,"but there are tons more on their website. "Higher Ground" had people in Mali, Senegal, the US, France, Japan, Italy, and other places I can't remember offhand.
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Thanks everybody!
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