Why do emails get stuck in Outbox?
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Sometimes my emails get stuck in Outbox and I don't know why or what to do about it.

As an extra layer of safety against acting in haste, I have set Outlook so that clicking Send puts the email in the Outbox rather than sending it onward. Occasionally, I will re-open the email from Outbox to double-check addressees, language, etc. After review, I click Send and the email closes back into the Outbox. When I attempt to actually send it to the recipient, however, the email stays in the Outbox. My solution has been to move the email to Draft, open it, click Send to put it back in the Outbox and then attempt the actual Send.

What do I need to do to fix this?
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When this happens to me, it's because I'm not connected to the Internet. Connecting generally sends them along and clears them from the outbox.
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This happens to me too, I've always chalked it up to Microsoft being Microsoft. Would love to know if there is an actual fix beyond moving it from outbox to draft, or copying it into a new email.

It isn't a lack of connection to the internet that is the problem. That of course would prevent any emails in the outbox from sending. It is specifically when an email in the outbox that has been delayed in its sending for whatever reason...either because you have a built in delay, as the OP does, or because, like me, you have scheduled it to send at a certain time...is opened and viewed or edited while still in the outbox.
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