How to keep medications secure? With special requirements
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I’m looking for a safe or lockbox or other method to keep medications and edibles secure from an adult struggling with addiction.

Our household has a frequent visitor who uses medications and edibles which are attractive to the addict. The visitor has severe visual impairments and minor cognitive impairments, so a box with a combination lock won’t work (because they can’t see small numbers) and one with a key won’t work either (because they will lose the key or leave it somewhere the addict can easily find it.) The ideal thing would be a small, portable box with a giant keypad, but I haven’t found one that isn’t easily opened by blunt force. I really don’t want to spend hundreds on a safe but I guess I will if that’s my only option. I’m also open to any other ideas on how to do this, keeping in mind the visual impairment issue.
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How about a digital doorlock? You can put it on the door of a closet or guest room. The combination is easily learned and entered by touch rather than visually.
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Maybe this safe? (And you keep the key.)
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Other method - can the person with visual and cognitive impairment keep the meds on their person, perhaps in a cross body bag, when they visit? Of course if they're visiting and spending the night this won't work, and and cognitive or interpersonal issues might complicate things.
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How about a hollow book. Hidden in plain sight?
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Try looking for a small gun safe. It looks like some have an option for opening with an rfid bracelet which would be easy to keep on the owners body.
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I think you want a biometric safe, as an addict will learn to look for the combo when it is being punched in. They are under $100 online. I was also going to recommend a gun safe. And the addict should pay, as it is their responsibility.
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I would just get a meal toolbox or ammo can and a padlock with a tactile keypad. There are also padlocks now designed to open via cellphone app.
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Quick-access pistol safe.
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Yep, we have all the knives and expensive medications in a gun safe in the kitchen (for impulsive kid reasons of our own.) I assume people recognize it and probably think we keep guns in the kitchen? Socially weird but very practical. Ours has a keypad but there are definitely both biometric and probably big-number keypad ones.
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