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I have been using Facebook to promote a new book. Within the last two days, the notification feature has stopped working and now, I can't open individual posted messages to see comments or invite new visitors to follow me or like my Facebook page. It shows I have a number of notifications, but when I click it, I only see a blank screen and hours later, it is still blank. Insights also do not seem to work. Also, Ad Center, Inbox and Events are unresponsive.

I have no violations, and my internet connection is fine on other websites. The instant messaging side panel does open but I haven't used it b/c several friends have said their IM has been hacked. I see lots of other comments from others over the years of notifications also not opening for them. I have restarted my PC, tried to get to notifications from other links, opening my account from other FB links online instead of my saved links. Nothing works. Do you know why this is happening and what I can do about it? Is this a common, temporary glitch?
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I've had this several times on both personal account and company pages - it's really annoying but it's temporary and will sort itself out. I haven't managed to actually find someone to report it to but it's usually a couple of days.
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Have you tried a different browser? A few days ago FB was glitchy for me in a similar-seeming way when I was using Firefox, but Chrome didn’t have a problem.
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I haven’t had this specific problem, but I run a Facebook page for work, and it has been glitchy as hell for several weeks now. Things just don’t load, and I have to keep reloading the page over and over until it decides to cooperate.
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