Looking for books like Wacky Wednesday
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My 2 year old is obsessed with the Dr Seuss book Wacky Wednesday. (Written under his alter ego name Theo Lesieg.) If you’re not familiar, each page has “wacky” things on it - a shoe in the sky, a tree growing out of a chimney, a person with three legs, etc. What other books could we look at together?
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I think he enjoys that the rules he recently learned about the world and how it works are being broken in this book.
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Amelia Bedelia is based on silly word play - not sure if that would tickle a two year old or not.
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You need Something Is Not Quite Right! Fish in the toaster!
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Eric Carle’s The Nonsense Show!
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Old Hat, New Hat by the Berenstains.
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It's not a picture book but have you tried "The Book with No Pictures?" If it's about breaking rules, rather than searching for pictures, it might appeal. We bought this book at least ten times between age 2 and 5 for assorted other kids, and it launched an imaginary character, Princess BooBoo Butt, who still "lives" in our house five years later.

If it's about subversion and demonstrating power by breaking forms, maybe the Monster at the End of the Book? There's a whole variety along these lines, "Don't push the button," and "Don't let the pigeon drive the bus." Of those, mine only liked the pigeon.

Highlights magazines has picture puzzles where you look for differences in the pictures, or count all the leaves, but there are usually silly things to find as part of the picture - a goldfish eating pancakes at a breakfast table kind of things.

"Wacky Wednesday" was one of three Geisel books my daughter (and I, ok, we read them a LOT) had memorized around that age or a bit older. The others were the Dr. Seuss ABC Book and Mr. Brown can Moo, can You.

We still have Each Peach Pear Plum on the shelf, too. It's just pretty with a good rhyme.
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Possibly the picture book Tuesday by David Wiesner - more of a story, though almost entirely told in pictures, and has flying frogs (and won a Caldecott). You can check out the images from the book on youtube.
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The Books that Drive Kids Crazy series is good for this kind of thing. My 3yo loves This is a Ball and Did You Take the B from my _ook?
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Animalia is an alphabet book with richly colored illustrations. My daughter and I spent many hours studying the pictures and searching for hidden images. Enjoy!
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Calef Brown’s poetry picture books were massive hits when my kids were little.
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Richard Scarry!
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Highlights High Five magazine (which we enjoy reading through with our now 5-year-old) has a spread called "That's Silly!" which is full of silly things. If you have a Michael's (the craft store) near you I just saw a paperback coloring-book-ish book with a bunch of them gathered together (with some stickers to boot). Looks like it's available on Amazon, too.
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Possibly Blue Hat, Green Hat by Sandra Boynton (check the preview on that link). My toddler thought it was *hilarious*
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This is a German book, but since it's all pictures with very little text you might like Das Fehler-Wimmelbuch (sample page)
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My daughter loved the book Yard Sale! where items purchased turn out a little differently than expected.
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This doesn't exactly answer your question, but my 3-year-old nephew is also very big on laughing at things that are clearly "wrong" according to the rules he knows, so we incorporate this kind of play into almost everything we read together

A book about colors? When you get to the yellow page, say "Is this blue?" and he loves to laugh and laugh and exaggeratedly say, "NOOOOO!" and then I'll ask again "What color is it?" and he'll answer "It's yellow!"

A book about animals? When you get to the page with the elephants, say, "is this a Bunny?", etc. etc.

He loves being the one who knows whats "right" and corrects me when I get it "wrong". He gets that it's all a big joke, and it really makes him laugh. This kind of play has been going on for at least 6 months and he's not tired of it yet. Just an idea!
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Who Hoots? and Who Hops? are very silly!
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