Help bulk-sending fillable forms (PDFs) with completion tracking
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My friend runs a non-profit and needs to send out a very detailed release form for child care to dozens of parents which they can fill out online and she can track. What is the best way to do this?

This needs to be a single form which goes to dozens of different recipients and is updated when they complete it. The forms already exists as PDFs, so being able to upload them is a must.

Adobe "megasign" appears to be the answer, but you have to have a business level account to use the "bulk send" feature and it is $30 a month billed annually. There is also no trial period; you have to take their word it works!

Has anybody else used an online service to achieve a similar goal? If so, please hit me with some recommendations. I tried SignNow and Docusign, neither of which appear to be able to do both bulk-sending and PDF form conversion.
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Since this seems like each parent will get their own copy of the form to sign, getting the 'individual' plan can work, if shes willing to send each one for each parent for a signature.

Few dozen individual would be reasonable, but if it was hundreds, maybe not as much.
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CLARIFICATION! She needs to able to simply insert a link into a larger email, not have the service send on her behalf!

And yes, if my description was not clear, each parent needs to send back the form individually.
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