Is there a virtual wall for Eufy?
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I've purchased this particular Eufy and really love it so far but I find myself in need of "corralling" it from time to time and am not seeing any virtual walls sold on Amazon like they have for the Roomba. I see some magnetic strips that I am not sure are compatible with this particular model. Can someone please confirm if those strips work for this model or suggest something else? Can't believe I'm wasting a question on this, but oh well =/
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I have the same model and nope, no way to keep it out of areas unless you physically block the area with an object taller than it can climb. Sorry. :(
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Use pool noodles?
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I have noticed that this little guy doesn’t like to move into areas where bright sunlight hits the floor, sensing the area as a danger zone, so you could try to rig up a light-based solution if you don’t want to resort to mop handles on the floor to block off doorways or whatever.
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