Where to buy a leather portfolio in midtown Manhattan
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What's a good place in Midtown Manhattan--or pretty quickly accessible from Midtown--where I could buy a leather portfolio tomorrow morning? Ideally something nicer and longer-lasting than a $15 piece from Target, or whatever, but I'm also not a bank executive or anything. My vague standard is: nice enough for a generic professional look, but neither so cheap nor so expensive that someone really notices or remembers it. Suggestions?
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Columbus Circle has a Coach, a Tumi, and a Cole Haan, so, depending on what you deem too expensive, you could probably find something there.
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Places to call, in no particular order:
  • Staples - They have 4 portfolios listed online as being available at the 800 Broadway location (not all real leather).
  • Paper Source is kind of over in Gramercy and Midtown East and while I only see paper portfolios (and whimsical at that) on their website, it miiiiiight be worth calling.
  • Yes, there is a Target in Midtown, so while this may be your last resort, it's good to know it's there.
  • There is also a Best Buy presence in the city.
  • There is a Moleskine in Columbus Circle, kiosk k2, in addition to the Coach, Tumi, and Cole Haan stores mentioned above. I think it's tiny and unlikely they have what you need, but worth a shot. There's another in Rockefeller Center
  • Google tells me that Royce Monogram Shop on the east side of the park (Central Park) has a well reviewed leather portfolio, though they open at 10am.
  • I have been inside Village Tannery, but it's down on Bleecker and a bit spendy. Very beautiful stuff.
  • Bloomingdales will have leather products but I don't know anything about what lines or where in the store.
  • Coach makes leather portfolios, but they are over $200 (and maybe even more than that). They have standalone stores and are also located in some of the bigger department stores.
Art Supply stores: very different idea of what a portfolio is but they might also have the kind of portfolio you want. Maybe. Worth asking if nothing else is fruitful.
  • Da Vinci I can't tell what's in stock here (the w 21st street store opens at 8:45 and is walking distance from a Dick Blick.)
  • Dick Blick - I think they're just called Blick now? (they open at 9)
Levenger products, while not available in person in NYC, they make a leather portfolio so if you don't find the right item here in the city, maybe check their website for later.
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Eh, the Target is in Herald Square neighborhood, so not exactly midtown. But close enough if you're truly desperate. They open at 7am so you could get a stopgap there and return it if you find something better at one of the other places.
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Oh, I might lead off by quickly calling McNally Jackson Goods for the Study. It's in the Village, so not close, but they could probably suggest somewhere if they don't have any--and then at least you'd have one place in your pocket.
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Seconding McNally Jackson Goods - just off the B/D at west 4th so fairly quick to get to from midtown and they’ll have what you’re looking for
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