There's a Hole by My Window, Dear Liza
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There's a hole by the bottom left-hand corner of one of the basement windows of my house (photo of the entire window, photo that shows the hole in more detail). My tenants have reported that a possum has gotten in through this wall. How should I fix this, dear Henry?
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For a short term solution I would fill it with Great Stuff foam. You can find it in any hardware store, probably where they have the caulk or insulation. Spray it in and it will expand and fill the hole. Wear gloves when you use it as it's difficult to get off your skin when it sticks.

While at the hardware store you can get a small bucket of patching cement. You mix it up right in the bucket and spread it into the hole with a small trowel or spatula.

Not sure how you get a possum out of your house.
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So far as I know, the possum isn't still in the wall. My tenants blocked up the hole with a few heavy items (the fragment of tile and hand weight you see in the first photo) a few days ago before they told me about the hole, and the items haven't been displaced since then (except by me to take these pictures), so my guess is that the possum exited the hole before it was blocked up and hasn't gotten back in.

Thanks for your clear and complete instructions!
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Use uh, less of the Great Stuff than you think you need to use. That shit just keeps on expanding.
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Should you get more foam than intended, don't try to wipe it away or control it while it's oozing. Wait until it has cured and you can slice it right off. Use some painter's tape where you don't want any residue.
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There's a specific expanding foam for deterring insects and critters, I believe.
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You really want to get the anti-rodent foam in there fast; we didn't during housefly season in Southern ON and this nightmare happened.
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I took the advice of a previous mouse related askme and pushed some coarse steel wool into the void first (to deter chewing) but those holes were above grade. Amazon has stainless wool/wire - I'd go with that.
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I followed bondcliff's instructions, bought a can of expanding foam, and filled the holes with it. Then I patched the window frame with some of a bucket of concrete patch I had on hand. It took several applications to build up the layers, but eventually it was done and even looks rather good for an amateur.

Thanks all!
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