Amazing things to do in Whistler
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Headed to Whistler for three days with wife and 2 kids ( 9 and 10 ) today. Looks like there are a ton of things to do. Anything particular lakes or hikes or activities we shouldn’t miss? Any tips for Whistler newbies? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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If you're driving from Vancouver to Whistler and want a fun little hike to do to break up the drive, you could check out the Whistler Train Wreck Hike

It's a charming little hike, nice and easy, ending with a really cool suspension bridge over an impressive glacial river and a dramatic story about a Train that derailed there back in the 50's. They salvaged the carriages that they could, but the carriages that were damaged beyond repair have been left in the forest. It's very impressive and a really cool little diversion on the way to Whistler.

I can imagine kids quite enjoying the big reveal of all the trains at the end... if they're into that kind of stuff!
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We've only been there in the winter, but definitely try to make it into the bakery Purebread at least once.
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Another thing to do on the drive between Whistler and Vancouver is the Britannia Mine Museum. I and my then-9-year-old son really enjoyed it, especially the train ride into the mine.
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Might be an obvious one, but the seaplane flight was probably the highlight of our summer Whistler visit.
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The whole drive from Vancouver to Whistler is spectacular. Just before Squamish is Shannon Falls which is a massive, 2 minutes from the highway, waterfall.

There's a ton of things to do and see around Whistler - you don't specify particular interests or a budget. You'll probably want to get up on the mountains, and the alpine hikes are quite spectacular. The gondola ride up, as well as the Peak to Peak between the mountains, is quite neat. There is also a newish suspension bridge up at the very top of Whistler mountain. There are hikes all over the place in the valley as well that are easily found through simple searches.

One particularly fun thing I've done twice there is ziplining. There are massive ziplines (literally in between mountains) that are very fun. I think there are two places that do this in Whistler - I've done it here.
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