What sites do people visit for global and nationa strategic forecasting?
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I am looking sites like Stratfor and Center for Strategic and International Initiatives as well as solid, well written blogs or newsletters on the topic of Global Security, Strategic Forecasting, Threat Analysis (environmental, economic, geo-political), and future studies in general.
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Arms Control Wonk is great.
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I've got a friend in the field who reads (and occasionally writes for) War on the Rocks.
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Not strictly an answer to your question, and might be too broad for your purposes, but I always recommend Tim Marshall’s writing (and blog) for geopolitics from a geographic perspective.
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Thanks! Great suggestions! How about near-term futurism sites (both Protopian and Dystopian?)
posted by specialk420 at 8:20 PM on August 6

The Eurasia Group does a yearly forecast of political/security risks around the world.
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