Hang in There, Baby
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Where do I get the original Hang in There Baby cat poster?

The "Hang in there" cat poster. A classic from the '60s... or is it the '70s? It's made appearances in Southpark, Dr. Katz and The Simpsons.

Often imitated. RetroCrush celebrates it. Google Answers tried to tackle it. There's a book inspired by it.

Now, the big question: Where does one get it?
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if you ask me, this one on ebay is much radder than the one retrocrush has.

friggin blacklight!
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Best answer: One could keep an eye on eBay, since an original of the poster sold to someone yesterday. If you are absolutely desperate, it may be that the winner of the bid, moonandsundries, might be amenable to reselling it at a profit to the original $10.49 + $6.00S&H price.
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Response by poster: Wow, I didn't think comments would still be open.

I'll take this opportunity to post a quick follow-up then. I contacted both the buyer and the seller. The buyer replied to me, but was unwilling to sell it. To my surprise, she was willing to let me borrow it! She had planned to use it for a gallery show, but for some reason it was inappropriate.

I needed it for a short movie, so I framed it non-destructively ("dry" framing, where no adhesive is used on the piece) and took my shots. Additionally, I scanned the whole thing in a flatbed, in segments (eight scans, letter size), and stitched them together in Photoshop, which I later used for details in FCP.

Out of gratitude, I framed the thing (dry) in a simple black frame, and sent it back with a hi-res copy of the scan.
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