What is my job title?
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What is my job title? (scanning, printing, archiving)

I rent/run a studio remotely for a well-known photographer. He's on the East Coast, I'm on the West. The job will end soon, so I'm needing to update my resume and LI profile. But I'm not sure what my job title is!

These are my duties
- Scan film to hi-res digital, some light retouching for perfect match.
- Title & archive those images for storage
- Print large color-matched images for museums, galleries, and patrons (fine art printing)
- Ship prints nationally & internationally
- Troubleshoot and keep all devices in good working order
- make coffee for all employees (no other employees).

Is this graphic production, post production, pre-press...fine art printer/handler...studio owner...

What's my title?

(my career was in art direction prior to taking on this job).
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Something related to digital preservation and collection management? You're not a librarian but you do seem to be managing a special collection to a certain degree. Ignore the coffee aspect of the job. It can be described as "other duties as needed" or something similar.
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That coffee bit was a dud joke. Sorry!

Going forward, and for others who may comment, I think this is more towards fine art handling than library services or similar.

(Promising not to reply to each comment)
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Fine art photographic assistant
Photographic art coordinator
Digital art go-between
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Digital art liaison
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Fine art studio manager.
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Producer & Archivist
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One of my former job duties in a museum included image/photo permissions as a component. The people I know who do jobs like yours in museums have the job titles I'm listing below. Maybe you can play around and try some variations on these:
Digital Media Manager
Digital Assets Manager
Digital Collections Specialist
Media Archivist
Art Services Manager

(I know you didn't mean it as a title, but I think you should stay away from the terminology of "fine art handling or handler", or at least avoid the words handling/handler, because that usually is commonly understood to refer to people who move, pack and ship actual physical original works of art.)
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Media Records Specialist

While "Digital Media Specialist" is also correct, if you put that on a resume, you'll get recruiters asking about film/video production, or audio processing work. And if you have those skills, then go ahead and use that title. But if you don't, you may want to avoid it.
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In a way that's similar to "fine art handling," I would advise that you not use the word "archivist" because that carries a very specific professional connotation, and someone may be looking for specific credentials in that realm.

The term that comes to mind the most, when looking at your work, is "technician." Name yourself "Something something technician," list what you listed here as your duties, and call it a day.
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Thanks all for your thoughts and consideration!

BlahLaLa comes the closest to what I think works.

The job entails more about fine art than some of the other terms.
I might add: Fine Art Photo Studio Manager
though cumbersome.
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Honestly, that sounds a bit more on the "Office Manager" side of things, a bit lower sounding.
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