Halloween costumes when it is hot
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The kidlet loves dressing up for Halloween, but every year I have to carry a beach bag to catch all of his costume components as he sheds them because it is "too hot". We live in a hot area of the world. What can he dress up as that will meet his desires of dinosaur/world domination/rawr/etc. but also not be "too hot"? Please note: he doesn't tolerate makeup well and would prefer not to wear wigs, but will if the costume is cool (ha) enough.

Kinds of costumes that are appealing to him: inflatable t-rex (too hot), Napoleon (way too hot), Pinky and the Brain (too hot), Bear (too hot), skunk (too hot), any other dinosaur (too hot), superheros (seems like supers would have a way of not making their costuming TOO HOT but no such luck). Nothing sexy. Nothing too scary. Nothing that isn't either androgynous or male-presenting.

Extra points for something a 12 year old tall-ish geeky boy would like that allow him to wear shorts. Double extra points for a costume that I can wear to coordinate with him (old, female but also geeky and vaguely kid-shaped) I'm willing to make things. Visual references are helpful.
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cave man? Easily made, easily expanded to cave family.
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Dinosaur wrangler a la Chris Pratt in Jurassic World? Could have a velociraptor image on his halloween bag/container.
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It’s too cold here to wear the toga and sandals to be some kind of Greek or Roman god but we would love to!
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Lifeguard? Red shorts and tank, sunglasses, life preserver.

I can imagine a bunch of funny “normal person being attacked from behind by an X (which is some kind of object attached to a backpack)” costumes. Giant spider, tiny dinosaur, alien, that sort of thing.
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Finn from Adventure Time. I've never seen the show but I know the kid wears shorts, and bonus there's a backpack and he can carry his own sheddings.

You can be the dog! The dog is cute.
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What about a swimmer who was attacked by a shark? A la Katya on RPDR. You will need a swimsuit, goggles, and a stuffed shark he can wear on his leg (his foot goes into its mouth/body. You can be a lifeguard or something.
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Lifeguard? Red shorts and tank, sunglasses, life preserver.

Add a mullet wig and you've got Billy from Stranger Things.
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Calvin, and you or a less heat-sensitive friend of his can be Hobbes.
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Fred Flintstone?
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I’d do Dino with mask, gloves and boots. Wear light t-shirt and shorts in appropriate colors and it works great imo. Same works for most any animal, not sure about Napoleon...
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A lightweight open hat like this one might not be too hot (wear with a matching orange tee shirt and shorts plus pin on a tail)
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These might not be rawr enough but, Charlie Brown and Linus or Lucy, Peter Pan and Wendy or Tinkerbell.
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Cereal Killer
Identity Thief
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