looking for a hook/clip-on small bedside waste basket
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I felt sure this must be a thing which exists, but either I'm the first one to think of the idea or my usually competent google-fu is failing me. Basically looking for a small wastepaper basket/ bin/trash can but with some sort of wire hook, fabric ties, or similar which let you hang it off the side of a wood framed bed.

Available online in the UK preferably. Essentially something very similar to this (or smaller) but with some sort of wide hook or something on the back which lets me hang it off a wooden bedframe, so that myself and my allergy riddled partner can drop tissues etc in it at night without getting up and walking to the main waste basket, rather than them accumulating on the bedside table or the floor.

Something of fairly neutral design in either plain wood (or wood-effect, I'm not above that) or plain coloured canvas/heavy cotton type fabric would be my preference.
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Something like this felt pocket?
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pinochiette reminded me that there are also plastic versions of that felt pocket. Usually called a "remote control caddy", like this one. I'm sorry I can't help with finding something in the UK, but that search term may help you in your hunt.
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If the bed frame has any sort of knob or protrusion on the top of the headboard, you could attach a loop of string (for a wooden basket, drill a couple of small holes near the top; or use a wicker basket and push the string between the slats) big enough to loop over the knob.
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Hmm, what about something like this shelf, so you can put whatever style of box or container you want on it, and maybe also a box of tissues beside it?
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IKEA has several rail-based wall storage systems that have bins with hooks that are meant to catch on the rail. I have a couple older ones, which I use hanging off the edge of wire shelving, for craft-related trash-catching. You'd want to measure your bed frame and compare to the rails to know which ones would fit.

Pretty much any mesh bin with a wide enough mesh will work with your own velcro, as well. Something like this IKEA trash bin or these little fabric bins.

One of the most useful things I got myself this year, in an organizing frenzy, was a roll of self-stick hook and loop .
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Garbage containers for cars might be something to look at.
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You can look for a car trash can, too. I have this one and like it.

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Not intended to be used as a bin, but might work as one, if you weren't throwing out anything sticky - Kikkerland bedside pocket.
Or, on preview, what the first answer said - sorry!
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I think something meant to hold clothespins might work.
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Oh try this! They are very lightweight and high-quality.
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A search for hanging waste bin turned up a number of promising-looking results.
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Thanks to Pinochiette and penguin pie for pointing me towards bedside organisers/caddies as a solution.

In the end I've gone for something similar but somewhat bigger since it occurred to me that it wouldn't hurt to have somewhere to drop my Kindle and things as well. Specifically this.

My one concern was that the rubbish to be disposed of isn't horrifying but can tend towards used tissues and damp cleansing wipes, which I'm not too keen on sticking in a fabric/felt container. I've (hopefully) solved that issue by buying a couple of appropriately sized narrow but tall plastic containers (think spaghetti jar sized) which should tuck neatly into a corner of those felt pockets to act as a tiny waste bin.
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