Removable Wall Murals?
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I just got an office and can decorate--Yay! Only removable wallpaper allowed--Boo! Help me find my perfect wall mural!

I finally graduated from cubicle to office here at work, and would love to add some color to my new walls! I'm absolutely in love with this abstract design, but it's not removable :(

Hoping the collective power of the Hivemind can help me find something similar!

Seeking: Something soft, with pink/warm tones, can be a pattern if it's not to distracting but right now leaning towards large image/abstraction like in the link. I found some removable wall murals on society6 but most of them don't offer enough wall coverage. My office wall is about 10x10'

Fingers crossed!
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When I want a poster I get my print shop to print whatever onto Photo Tex, I think most printers globally carry it. It's not super cheap but it's removable, again, and again, and again.

aka - 'Repositionable Adhesive Fabric'
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Something like this?

Or, alternatively:
Make wallpaper removable
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There are plenty of (online) printers that will print your own design on removable wallpaper. You just have to supply the artwork.
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A lounge I belong to has a large mural on 3 painted wood panels, each of which is something like a 4x8 sheet (I'd assume plywood). There are seems, but they aren't that noticeable. The panels were painted in the artist's studio, and then brought in, assembled, and mounted. With this, whatever panel size you choose, it'll have to be able to carried in and, since you can't mount it on the wall, somehow stand it up in front of your wall. Not sure how to stand it, but you might be able to attach the top to points inside the ceiling.
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I've ordered a few times from walls need love and I've always been happy with the results. They have a lot of wallpapers and murals. This one is pretty awesome. or this, if you're into geometrics. This artist has a bunch of soft-coloured designs at the bottom of the page. And this one might suit you as well.
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If you would consider an alternative to wallpaper, I have a few panels of this pink handmade paper hanging over my bed and it looks very pretty. I've hung them as art, so there's space between them.
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I trawled Etsy for a long time trying to find my own perfect wall mural, and there are lots of removable wall murals on there. Here's a random shop page that has some pink options, and they offer custom sizes too.
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