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I recently discovered that I really enjoyed deep-diving into specific research reports (as opposed to reading the news online).. querying back from a news article I found the "Center for Security Studies" at ETH Zurich and read their report on "The Evolution of Commanders Intent in the US military" which was a really strange experience and really fun because I got an insight into a whole new area of research that I had never thought about.. more in depth than a blog post, less intense/focused than a research paper. I'd like to find more sources like this..

(or meta-ideas on scratching that itch).. I thought of organisations like the World Bank, the WHO, think tanks? I once tried building/finding a google custom search engine that only searched these kind of meta-report/ressources but I didn't get very far.
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Congressional Research Service reports. CRS is a branch of the Library of Congress that "works exclusively for the United States Congress, providing policy and legal analysis."
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The blog Marginal Revolution by economist Tyler Cowen frequently links to research reports, many of them outside economics (sports, infrastructure, betting, area studies of Asia/Europe/US) that are hand-picked for their excellent research.
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The Internet Scout's Scout Report is a great source for in-depth reports and information sources. One new edition each week, usually with a theme. Archives go back into the 1990s. So there's a whole lot there.
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