sleep masks of the lotion or gel kind
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I'm going to be on a long-haul flight in the near future, and plane air always leaves my lizard-skin feeling super-dry/like my pores are so big you could drive cars into them. I'd like to be like the cool kids and wear a sleep pack or mask. Suggestions?

Specifications and details:

- I have dry, fairly nonreactive skin. I do not have any allergies or sensitivities.

- My number one skin issue is the dry, lizard skin, followed by redness, pores, and fine lines. My usual stuff is heavy on niacinamide and hyaluronic acid.

- I usually fall asleep before take-off and stay asleep until the pilot is, like, announcing that we are approaching for final landing. It's basically my special power. However, I kinda think I should do a sleep pack/mask rather than a sheet mask just in case I have to put on my glasses and get up to use the bathroom?

- I enjoy fragrance in my skin care (and have never reacted negatively to it), but in this sitch, I have a preference for something that is not heavily scented, so that I don't inflict it on everybody else on the flights. But if it's your absolute fave that smells like roses and unicorn farts, please tell me anyways, so that I can swan about at home wearing it when I'm back from my trip.

- I would kinda prefer for it to be on my face and work, but not be, like, PERMANENTLY BRIGHT GREEN and SUPER OBVIOUS it's there for the entire flight. I'm already going to be kitted out in the rest of my sleeping-in-place flight ritual implements, peacefully snoring with my mouth open for 7.5 hours straight, and would like not to be too weird for everyone passing me to go to the bathroom.

- I have heard that in very dry environments, having something with a high amount of hyaluronic acid will actually make your skin dryer by "sucking the water out." Is that true???

- If it's more than $35 a full-size tube, I'd prefer to buy a sample-size for transport/trying it out issues.

- But general cost is not a big issue as long as we aren't in the La Mer/SK-II tier.

I have tried and did not like La Neige's, because it wasn't moisturizing enough even under normal conditions. I hear good things about Huxley and Sulwhasoo.

But if the answer is that I shouldn't buy something, and should just slather on some of my usual Ordinary face moisturizer, that's fine. METAFILTER IS WHAT GOT ME INTO SKINCARE STUFF IN THE FIRST PLACE. PLEASE TELL ME YOUR THOUGHTS.
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How fun! I’d probably put a bunch of straight oils on my face (avocado is my favourite, or argon), then follow up with something occlusive. I’m a huge fan of rose, so I vote the Pixie rose mask, which is easily available. My second choice would be a ton of the body shop hemp face cream, which is really thick and moisturizing.

In fact, I have a long haul overnight flight this week, and I’m going to do this!
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I havent used it myself, but I have heard good things about the Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask. It doesnt require you to wash it off and is supposed to be moisturizing.

I also generally go to the duty free shop at the airport and use some of the La Mer or Clarins super rich intense moisturizers to get me through my long flights!
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I put Malin & Goetz's detox face mask on before boarding, but instead of rinsing it off right away, I use a Herban wipe to remove it before landing.
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I have heard great things about the Pacifica Wake Up Beautiful mask; reviews note its light scent, richness, absorption, and results!
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I used to use Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Sleeping Recovery Mask for the express purpose of airplane travel. Get a sample at your local Sephora and see how you like it!

I now use Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Mask, which is awesome in its own as a leave-on gel moisturizer in summer. You can get a sample packet at Kiehl’s, and it also comes in a handy 1 oz travel size.
For day of plane travel, I’d layer your normal moisturizer underneath the mask for extra procreation against moisture loss. Oh, and both masks go on clear, and don’t need to be washed off so none will be the wiser about your surreptitious plane masking. Have a good flight!
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One of my favorite night masks right now is the LATHER Honey Moisture Mask with Propolis Extract because you don't need to rinse it off--just apply, let sit for like 20 minutes, then rub it the rest of the way in. It is pretty affordable and smells super nice!
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Lots of Clinique moisture surge-it’s clear and my skin feels lovely whenever I apply it for a flight.
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Edit: my above comment should read protection, not procreation. Yikes!
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Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask is just the best for this - I adore it. I have oily skin, some redness, pores, fine lines - generally non-reactive. If I were doing what you're about to do, I'd cleanse (or come with bare skin), use a bit of salicylic acid to exfoliate (I like Paula's Choice, and I use it without a cotton pad - I just smooth it on and let it dry), and then use the mask. I think Sephora carries it in a travel sized tube (but it's still pricey). Very light/hard to notice scent.
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Have you tried Neutrogena's Hydro Boost mask? Not a sleep mask, but you might really like it. It has hyaluronic acid.
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The 1 oz travel size of the Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask is $25, and it's also my fave.
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Ugh. As a person with smell sensitivities, please ask someone else about the smell, bonus points if they have a sensitive nose. It may have a minimal scent to you, but be overbearing to another person. I would 100% move seats if I ended up next to you. I don't need a scent induced migraine on top of all the other shitty thing that happen on a plane.
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Lano is where it is at. Little to no scent!
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At lower price point than some of the products above is the fantastic CoxRx Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask. It's a thick lotion that leaves no obvious layer on you and it's so soothing and moisturizing without being greasy. I use it when my aging skin is dry and my rosacea is rough, red, and angry. When I use it (day or night), my skin ends up calmed, very moisturized, and is noticeably plumped up with fine lines quite diminished. It doesn't have much of a smell at all and it's become one of my favorite products, which is a lot since I'm a bit of a product hound. I've found that the whole CosRx line is very well made and quite effective. It's also available on Amazon.

That hyaluronic acid thing you heard isn't true when the hyaluronic acid is part of a formula that contains other moisturizing compounds. It can be true in some environments if you use a HA serum on its own without other products that work along with it (which isn't how you're supposed to use a serum.) If HA is just one ingredient in a moisturizer, you'll get the benefits of it without problems. I like to apply HA serums after a shower when my skin is damp and then I follow with the rest of my products, including moisturizer. Any moisturizer or sleep mask with HA is fine. For long plane rides, I also like to bring a saline-only nasal spray. It really helps to keep my nose and sinuses moisturized and helps the body to maintain its immunity protections. Have a great trip!
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I agree with kathrynm that this sounds ripe for scent migraines, so please be conscientious of that. Even a "light" scent can trigger headaches. I'd focus on finding something that doesn't smell at all, if possible.

My personal 11-hour flight routine is to wear a surgical mask (common in Japan) for the whole flight and an eye mask when napping. The combo keeps my face warm and prevents it from drying out, though I'm sure I look ridiculous to neighbors. If I wanted extra moisturizing, I'd probably add a layer of face lotion or plant-based squalane oil.
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Thanks, folks! Looks like I'm going to be getting the CosRx rice mask, which is fragrance and essential oil free. But the Lano face mask sounds great, too.

And yeah, I appreciate that people can be sensitive to scent. It's why I included it in my list of specs.
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Not exactly the mask you are asking after, but these Anime Bane Masks from Japan have been a game changer for me on long flights- keeps my nose & throat from drying out in the recycled air.
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