Long form current journalism about the border detention camps
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Please recommend some contemporary (since 2016 probably) long form journalism about the [detention, concentration, interment] camps at the Texas border. This is for teaching undergraduates. I would like an article that includes both analysis of the crisis as it has developed (for example, showing the difference between policy during the obama admin and now), and stories of/interviews with actual refugees. Thanks.
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Aura Bogado has been covering the border since before 2016 but her reporting is consistently ahead of the curve.

Heres her author page on reveal news.
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PS Internment, not interment. Autocorrect issues strike again... and no edit windows on questions.
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Previous FPPs have links that may be helpful:

Some Suburb of Hell (latkes)

Defining "Concentration Camp" (Bella Donna)

Refugees, Resettlement, and Reunion (MonkeyToes)
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Aura Bogado has tweeted about conditions during the obama administration. Restricting a search engine to revealnews.com and searching for her name and obama (bogado "obama" site:www.revealnews.org) returned one article she contributed to that mentioned a single obama administartion statistic, 2 articles she co-wrote that contained denials by former obama administration officials, though only 1 was named. In 2 articles about the horrible conditions in the centers, 1 she co-wrote and 1 that included her prior work, obama administration was mentioned only in the comments. You might want to consider her views of the current administration in that light.
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