Party ideas for 'Still Not Getting Married 20th Anniversary Party"
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We want the party to be casual and fun and not particularly gimmicky. Quirky is fine; we've been called worse. I would love your ideas about centerpieces or party favors or decorations that go along with our theme 'still not getting married'. There will be cakes but I don't want any bride-groom figures. We're old (69 and 72) and met when we were 49 and 52. We've done a lot of traveling so we'll have a 'game' with lots of photos 'where in the world were ___&___ . Thanks!
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I wonder if there is a pun - not standing still (travelling), but still not getting married? To tie in the travel theme?

Here are Lois & 1950 in __________ still not getting married!

This is 1950 and Lois, with elephant, still not getting married in _________

This is Lois & 1950: not getting married in __________

Maybe 'bon voyage' might give you some inspiration for some fun ideas?

A nice terrarium - to represent 'still', or whiskey, from a still?
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The Stephen Sondheim song, "Not Getting Married Today," written out on a poster or something would be fun, I think.
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Perhaps some photos of famously unmarried couples -- Spencer Tracy & Katherine Hepburn, Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn, Simone de Beauvoir & JP Sartre, etc -- could be used as decoration or part of another guessing game.
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"Hawaii -- 2002: Spencer wins an all-expenses-paid trip to Oahu. Katharine hangs ten like a pro at North Shore. That photo at the luau....?"
"Chicago -- 2008: Spencer begins his cross-country tour of Route 66. Katharine has a layover on her way to New York. Hey... everyone gets their pictures taken at The Bean sculpture!"
"Paris -- 2014: Spencer achieves his dream of strolling through Avenue des Champs-Élysées after dark. Katharine is visiting with friends from her sabbatical. That dinner cruise on the River Seine? Total coincidence."
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Ummm... the lists above are in a photo album of "coincidence/not coincidence" meetings between old lovers and friends.
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It might be funny to look for goofy, cheesy decor marketed to teenagers (prom stuff or “I <3 My Boyfriend” necklaces or those Valentine heart candies), to tease people about the idea that never getting married keeps your love youthful.
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What about getting non-traditional cake figures (Lego comes to mind, but action figures or photo cutouts or just drawings on cardstock would work), and put one on one cake and one on another, with the figures holding a red string covered in little paper hearts between them. And maybe more of that string circling both cakes. I can see it in my mind, anyway, and it's charming. :)
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Came in to say exactly what jaquilynne said, with exactly those couples. Was going to add Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, but apparently they've been broken up for 9 years (!?) so maybe not them. But otherwise, go for it! Here's a list (except I think we all know that #10 are no longer together) - Oprah and Stedman would be another great couple to feature.
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Belated thanks! On the back of the beer coasters we're printing, we'll list our names along with other famous unmarrieds. Love that idea! Thanks for all of them.
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