Trying to find funny Youtube video
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Several years ago I watched a Youtube video about social media that was very funny, help me find it!

This video consisted of two elderly male actors performing transcripts from social media posts in very formal (Shakespearean?) style. It was hilarious. One detail I remember is another person bursting into the room in the middle of their conversation and telling them that he made $62.00 an hour doing something or other. Help me laugh at all this foolishness again. Thanks!
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YouTube Comment Reconstructions by Dead Parrot on YouTube? For example
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The random spammer with the too good to be true job opportunity is in Episode 2.
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Possibly one of these? There's more than one; google "sprint commercial james earl jones" or something similar to find the others.
posted by queen anne's remorse at 8:21 PM on July 29, 2019

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