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Any ideas for gifts for English teens (13, 16) who are visiting the States? We'd like to give a gift to two kinds. They've visited the States many times before, so it's not necessary to be explicitly American but I'm short on ideas. No food because they have several food allergies and aversions. Thank you!
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Are they into sports? Maybe something from your local team? A soccer scarf?
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Would they enjoy anything from the Marvel Comic Universe merchandise arena? It's certainly been big this year.

If they are having an extended stay you could give gift receipts from whatever you do pick, if it would be from a store where they'd be likely to find something else to their liking.
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Do you know what their interests / hobbies are? What’s your approximate price range?

If either of them is into makeup, I bet they’d like a gift card to Sephora or Ulta if there will be time to visit a store - the US has a lot of brands that are more difficult or expensive to get in the UK. Ulta may be especially good for this age range because they have a wider variety of price points (so they could get one more expensive thing or a bunch of cheap ones) and they have a lot of trendy low cost brands.

Many American clothing brands are cheaper in the US than the UK, so if you know their style and sizes you could get sneakers or jeans or something - though again, might be better to do a gift card and let them pick things out themselves. Teenagers tend to be picky about clothing!
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A gift to an experience activity? Or a gift from that experience (say seeing a show and a shirt from it?)
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Also buzzfeed might be a good place to check out what’s generally trendy amount American teens and if any of those trends catch their eye?
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I have kids vaguely in that age who are UK based and recently visited the US. Things that went down well: Bath & Body Works (all presents for their friends back home came from here), Ulta own brand make up and skincare, designer branded water bottles, Starbucks “you are here” cups, & anything to do with theme parks.
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How about college t-shirts or sweatshirts? You don’t have to be a student or alumnus to buy one, and you could pick whatever college you wanted. By the same token, an item of clothing from NASA, maybe specifically the Apollo anniversary, could also work.
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