need virtual assistant specializes in car rental for once-off booking
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Am about to go on vacation to Cancun with large group (9) and need help booking a van as well as 2 kid car seats. Is there a virtual assistant service that specializes in car rental. got to be someone willing to navigate the maze of options and sleight of hand tactics of rental companies especially wrt to insurance.
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If you’re staying at a resort or large hotel, the concierge there will be able to point you in the right direction.
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AutoSlash sort of does this.
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If you’re paying with a credit card, it may include “Concierge” or “Travel Assistance” services, both of which may help you with this.
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You can search Upwork for someone local to Cancun, or the state that Cancun is in. While you've got that person, may as well ask them for help on other trip logistics.
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