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I’d like to find Instagram accounts that interact with their followers in a creative, thoughtful way, and that ask followers to participate in a discussion.

Example that I like: Hansulrichobrists has artists say/write a single question for followers who can answer in the comments. I would like to find similar accounts - more sophisticated than the superficial feel-good content typical for social media. Do you have recommendations for me?
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Art critic Jerry Saltz was doing this for a while, asking questions about art. I absolutely love following his account but he might not be for everyone—he posts NSFW art and has a blunt vibe. And his posts are a variety of things, not all or even mostly question prompts, but he does foster a lot of discussion.

That being said, he’s at @jerrysaltz
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@stefansagmeister critiques things which his followers have submitted, which can lead to interesting conversations.

If you're interested in book design or letterpress printing, @gaspereaupress is wonderful. They don't necessarily ask questions, but they do write a lot with each post, which helps encourage discussion.
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If you are interested in some thoughtful question, then check out the for some interesting questions.
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