It tastes like...burning...
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I really like pretzels (the kind from the chip aisle, not the soft bready ones). Once in a while, I’ll get a bag that has several that are thinner and slightly burnt. These are my favorite! Is there a way to source just the defective, too thin, slightly burnt pretzels? Or will they remain a mysterious and random source of joy hidden in the occasional bag?
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You are looking for unique extra dark splits
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It's the long game, for sure, but you should let the manufacturer know. Cheez-Its came out with their Extra Toasty Cheez-Its after hearing for years that folks (like me!) loved the handful of slightly singed ones you could sometimes find in the bag.
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That's a great find by rabidsegue, I just ordered some :)

That same company also makes "pretzel shells" which are just the crisp brown outer skin of the pretzel with no interior. Looks awesome!
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YES EXTRA DARK SPLITS. So good. Do that. I concur, if you needed concurrence.
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Absolutely Utz Extra Dark. I have 1.5 bags currently in my possession.
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These aren't extra dark, but if you are a pretzel fan and you've never tried Dot's Pretzels, I urge you to. Garlicky and salty and buttery and amazing.

Someone told me to seek these out on a trip to South Dakota last year and I almost didn't because they seemed really expensive. But I kept seeing them everywhere - even in the Mount Rushmore gift shop! - and finally bought a bag.

They are worth their weight in gold.
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Can’t believe this exists! Ordering post haste! Thank you!
posted by stillmoving at 2:11 AM on July 29, 2019

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