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I need recommendations for small, stud earrings that I can put in, (almost) never take out, not lose, and still have them look cute and hold up over time.

I've seen a previous question on this topic that focused on comfort/sleeping, but I'm interested in aesthetics and quality. For six months, I've been wearing the little studs I got when I had my ears re-pierced. They're silver-colored and ring a small (plastic? glass?) clear "gem." They're cute, and add a bit of bling when I'm not wearing bigger earrings. They're also great because the post "clicks" closed, and I don't worry about them falling out. However, six months in they're turning green. They're just not meant to last. I want a replacement!

I'm totally uneducated about metals and gemstones -- what can I buy that will withstand shampoo, soap, dirt, sweat, and life? I'd be happy to buy something of enough quality that they're worth cleaning. I like silver over gold, so does this mean surgical steel? Platinum? Actual silver? I'm really clueless. For a gem, I'm not interested in real diamonds, but I'd like something either clear, or perhaps blue-ish. I'd like something small and universal, but I wouldn't be opposed to little touch of style or personality.

Willing to spend $150, but would love to spend less. Can you recommend appropriate materials? Any specific websites or earrings themselves? (I did see this question from 2016 with a lot of great options.) Do I need to be concerned about them falling out if they're just "normal" post earrings? Anything I can do to mitigate that concern? Thanks for making me even cuter, Metafilter.
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I've had a couple pairs of ComfyEarrings that have held up great for years (including during fieldwork). They're stainless with CZ, and run about $20. The flat back screws onto a post.

I still take them out every few days to clear out dead skin / I'm not an everyday earrings-wearer.
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I have bought several pairs of earrings from this Etsy shop tha I have left in for months and months with no issues. These climbers are particularly comfortable for sleeping, but I have had these in for about two months now with no issues.
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I have no idea why Etsy keeps defaulting me to Canada, but this shop has a lot of small high-quality earrings (you'll want sterling silver). I've had for years a set of small pyramid studs from them that I wear for days at a time.
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I would encourage you to go to your local, reputable piercing shop and take a look at what they have. If you're looking for something to never* take out, you'll want the highest quality metal possible and you're not going to be able to judge that from a website. Anatometal is a respectable brand.
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I honestly ordered some sterling silver studs from Etsy a while back (anything sterling is probably fine) and I literally never take them out. I have 7 ear piercings (5 lobe and 2 cartilage) and two of them are always the same super small silver hoops and three of them are the same small studs. I only switch out and wear different earrings in my lowest two holes. Anyway, any sterling silver studs should be perfectly sufficient.
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I’m really into Catbird for small but interesting studs lately. Their prices are ALL over the place so just sort low price to high and ignore the fancy nonsense, there are good options well within your price range.
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Simply Whispers sells only hypoallergenic jewelry; I've become super sensitive to nickel content over the years, and their earrings never bother me at all. I've been wearing my current pair nonstop for a couple of months.
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My everyday earrings are Melissa Joy Manning and are hoops, because I have never found a pair of studs that doesn't pull out in my thick and curly hair. She uses silver and gold and has a wide variety of designs and prices. She was local to me when I was looking for something reliable.

Here they are!
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I agree with sacrifix about anatometal - I have 7 of their "click" studs in my piercings, and I never take them out - to the point where I don't even own other earrings. They've been in for 8 years and are implant-grade titanium.
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Studex earrings are available on amazon. They are stupid cheap for how durable they are. These are maybe what was used when you got pierced. They come in some shapes (balls, hearts, stars) and gemstone-colored studs (prob just like your clear set.)

I frequently wear baby earrings because the post is shorter and they have screw-on backs. Search for "baby earrings" and "screw back earrings."
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The most important thing with studs you can put in and almost never take out is the metal - you want hypoallergenic. Mine are white gold, but stainless steel or sterling silver with CZ would work well for your budget. Seconding the suggestion to go to a reputable local piercing place and see what they recommend.

The second most important thing is the back - you want a screw back that's flat, so it's not poking you when you lie down, and that screws closed so it doesn't accidentally fall out no matter what you do.

I've been wearing small circular screw-back studs my entire life (apart from when I want to feel fancy and so wear hoops or dangly earrings) and they are legit the BEST, 10/10 would recommend.
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One more vote for piercing-quality jewelry. I have one that has been in place for around 25 years and still looks fine, no green weirdness. Anatometal is good for sure.
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Ive been buying piercing jewelry online from bodyartforms.com for a while without issue. I think you will find qhat you want looking at "press fit" jewelry. You would want 2 18gauge titanium press fit posts in the shortest length ( less than half inch) and then 2 ends ( the stud part with a design / gem / whatever). This is an alternate if you dont have a piercing shop nearby. Theres a slight learning curve as the posts enter through the back of the piercing and the ends, which have a slightly bent pin on the back, slide into the post, but once in you never have to remove them and they are secure and hold up to whatever body grime or cosmetics and soap they come into contact with. Anatometal, neometal, industrial strength are all good brands and well within budget. Bvla, tether, leroi, are all good for more spendy gold ends should you desire.
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I would encourage you to go to your local, reputable piercing shop and take a look at what they have. If you're looking for something to never* take out, you'll want the highest quality metal possible and you're not going to be able to judge that from a website. Anatometal is a respectable brand.

Yes, I agree. Just be aware that not every piercing place has high-quality jewelry.

I'll note that for two of my earlobe piercings, I wear white gold earrings (one with a little diamond, and I forgot the other stone) that I never take out and use flat backs for (don't know what they're called) so that the backs don't poke my neck when I sleep. I highly recommend BVLA (lots of different styles) and agree with the suggestion of Anatometal. I'm wearing jewelry from both right now in most of my piercings! You could take a look at their Instagrams to get inspiration, and check out your local piercing places' Instagrams.
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