Where can I find this comic strip?
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Some months ago, I saw a link to a comic strip on metafilter that compared the experiences of two young people, one with more advantages in life and one with fewer.

I believe the point was to show that Just World Theory is bee ess and that the less advantaged young person didn't "deserve" less on her merits, but rather had had a harder life where more was demanded from her and less given to her.

I recall that in one pane, the young woman who was less advantaged was harried and waitressing at a party or restaurant.

I desperately want to share this comic with a friend, but I don't even know what search terms I would use to find it. I tried and came up with nothing.

This is driving me craaaazzzzzzy, pease halp!
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Best answer: On a Plate by Toby Morris.
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Response by poster: Wow, thanks! That is it!
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